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Fight Fight a Fight For Iowa!

Well, another weekend come and gone.  And this weekend went really fast because it was such a busy one! 

Saturday was a great day!  We had our annual Friendly Friends Being Friendly tailgate and game get together with some of our amazing and awesome friends.


Just as we were getting started for the day Herky the Hawk made an appearance.


We had a TON of food, which I’m bummed I didn’t get a picture of to share with you!  Because it was an 11:00 kickoff we went with breakfast food.  I made breakfast burritos (recipe to come!), which are always super easy for tailgating and a big hit.  There were 3 types of muffins, 2 different kinds of fruit filled pastries and fresh fruit.  We also snacked on fruit veggies, a taco dip, cookies and chips.  Such a yummy spread!

About 10:30 we tore down the tailgate (canopies, grills, chairs, etc) and headed up to the game.  At this point it was in the upper 80’s.  We were allowed to bring our own water into the game, which helped.  I made it to the middle of the 3rd quarter (90+ degrees), then the heat got to me and Baby and we went inside to the concession area and sat on the floor in the shade.  By the beginning of the 4th quarter we were hungry so texted Daddy and he came up and we left. 


It was a great game, a perfect day with our friends AND the Hawkeye’s won 28-14!!!  Go Hawks!

After we ate we went to my folks’ to get the boys and came home.  We were such slobs, we went straight to bed and Aiden popped popcorn in the microwave for his and Brennie’s supper, then the boys laid in bed with us until bedtime.  Then I got up and made 2 pies for our church’s annual Fall Festival fundraiser that were used for the meal.  After that, bedtime!  I was exhausted!


Sunday we woke up, got ready and took the boys to religion classes and we went to the parent’s meeting.  Left there at 10 and headed to the Fall Fest. 

Our annual Fall Fest is our church and school’s big fundraiser every year.  We have a huge meal that includes turkey and ham, mashed potatoes and the most amazing gravy ever, stuffing, green beans, salads and pies, all homemade!  Yum!!!  It does a pregnant girl’s heart good to see (and eat) all of that food!

From there we have a ‘Country Store’ where homemade items are sold (home baked goodies and crafts, mostly), there are kid’s games and the big money maker is our auction.  It starts at noon on the nose and goes until 6 or later, depending on how many items they have to sell.  Because we are Catholic we do auction off beer and wine, so that makes the bids come easier sometimes, ha ha!  I was there until 4:30 and when I left the auction had brought in over $35,000!!!  Our goal this year for the entire festival was $75,000, I think we made it!  It’s such a fun afternoon! 

And there’s my busy weekend in a nutshell!  It was a great weekend, but very exhausting!  Next weekend looks to be just as busy.  I’ll need all week to recoup and gear up for the next one.

Have a great week, friends!



  1. Our Fall Festival is the 28th! They are auctioning off a special piece made by the 3 year old preschool class. I can't wait!!! You look gorgeous in this picture! So do your pies!!

  2. Those pies look absolutely perfect!!

  3. Those pies look amazing!!! Great job!

  4. Your tailgate sounds like so much fun! That's ANOTHER thing people don't know how to do out here! We went to a UCLA tailgate once, and all I could think of was how the Midwest does it so much better.

    That pie looks AMAZING!!!

  5. Looks like a great weekend!!! I am so impressed after such a long day you made 2 pies. You've got pie-making skills, girly!!!

  6. That's a ton of money!!! Wow, what a great auction!
    I LOVE your sunglasses!! And so glad the Hawks won!! But poor you, sitting inside to get cool! I hope the weather starts getting cooler for you soon!
    Ok, Martha again, your pies look a amazing!! I love you more and more each time I see your craftiness!!