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There’s An App For That

I am the type of person to always know exactly how far along I am in my pregnancy (17weeks, 4days).  I am also the type of person to want to know every single day what the baby is up to, what my body is up to, and to just have the pregnancy in my face at all times.  That is why I love my pregnancy apps on my phone!

For all of your preggers out there (and to be preggers) here are the apps I use.  They are all free and all were found on Google’s Play Store.

The What To Expect Pregnancy AppScreenshot_2013-09-11-13-11-00


This one’s ‘home page’ keeps you on track with what week and day you are, how many weeks and days you have left, and, the fun part, what fruit or vegetable your baby is the size of (this actually comes in handy with the boys, helps give them an idea of how big the baby is instead of saying 4” long).

It also has a weekly update detailing what the little sweetie is doing and what your body may be doing.  And the daily info or tip.  You can connect to groups, so if you have a question you can post it on there and 1000’s of women can help answer it for you. 

Last, you can upload photos to this app.

The Baby Center App

This app coincides with the Baby Center website, which I use and look at often.


This app tracks your weeks then gives you daily info and a ‘to do’ checklist to keep up with (drink your water today, do some stretches, go for a walk).  It also gives you the rundown of where you and the baby are each week. 

This one also allows you to connect with other mom’s and pregnant women.  And a neat perk – it has a “Kick Counter” for when you are farther along and your OB wants to know how often your baby is kicking, or for you and your curiosity.

The Med Help I’m Expecting App

This one only has a weekly update, so during the week I don’t check it.  But what it does have that I love is a tool to keep track of your weight, a calendar to put in your appointments and important dates (Baby’s first kick!), a place to put all of your Dr.’s info and a spot to list all of your symptoms.  Basically it’s your ‘Before Baby Baby Book’. 


There are a ton of apps out there, I had to limit myself to only these 3 or I’d have a phone full of them! 

Happy Thursday!



  1. I dont know if I have told you but I am so ridiculously excited for you! I can't wait & love following along from afar :)

  2. Yayyyyy!!! Remember that time I had these apps on my ipad and the kids figured out I was preggo (last year) before we were ready to tell them? Yeah.... lol

  3. I loved the What to Expect app!! Not sure my coworkers did though, cause I swear I read it to them every day!!!

  4. I wish I would have got these apps when I was pregnant! Love your blog, new follower!

    1. Oh hello! Welcome!!! I’m so happy you like my blog!  I didn’t have a ‘fancy’ phone when I was pregnant w/ my last two so this is fun having it this time! Back then I’d just stalk the internet! ;)

  5. You aaaaaaaaaalmost have me wanting to have another baby just so I can play with those apps - but not quite! ha ha ha!! I will just live vicariously through you! =)

  6. In some ways I'm glad I was pregnant before smart phones! Of course, I always made people mad by not telling them my exact due date (I was always late, anyway) or exactly how far along I was. :)

  7. Ha, I had all of these downloaded with Marcus. Loved 'em all!

  8. I am so glad that I didn't have a smart phone when I was pregnant with Molly & Brady. It was bad enough that I would be on babycenter 24/7 and then I had a crazy thing where the only blogs I read where about people who had really bad pregnancies... WTH?

    You are too cute!