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My Best Jr. High Friend

The other day I was be-bopping down the road when a song came on that I hadn’t heard in quite awhile.  Boy did it bring back memories!  Back in the day, when I was in jr. high, my best friend, Lisa, and I were big Green Day fans.  Not big like we had memorabilia or would ever go to their concert, but we did love their music. 

Anyway, we loved Green Day.  I had their CD ‘Dookie’ and about burned a hole in it from listening to it so much!  So, this one particular song of theirs came on the radio the other day and boy did I crank it up and jam out!!! 

Man, I still love this song!  I’m thinking of digging my ‘Dookie’ CD out of the basement and listening to it!!

So, more about me and Lisa.  We were connected at the hips!  We were always staying overnight at each other’s houses.  One time we made a homemade face mask out of oatmeal!  I remember she took a picture but I couldn’t find it, must be buried somewhere because it was a tad bit embarrassing!  We used to watch the movie ‘Speed’ with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in it all the time! We were in LOVE with KR!  Ha ha! Smile 

We also used to make each other mixed tapes we’d dub off of the radio and CD’s and tapes we had!  Ha ha, omg, we were such dorks!  We’d personalize the cases even!  Here’s the only one I have left that Lisa made for me.20130926_133240


We were constantly writing letters back and forth during study hall and boring classes.  We both had ha-UGE crushes on Steve Brechler.  We were both country girls, both Catholic and went to the same church, both had older sisters.  We just had a ton in common and were super duper best friends.  Unfortunately high school and boys hit and we grew apart.  So sad because of all the fun we’d had together. 

What funny, crazy things did you and your jr. high bestie do together?



  1. We had a notebook that my friend holly and I would trade during class. I would take it, write to her then during passing period we would hand off and it was her turn. We were hip I cannot lie.

  2. Sounds like a great friendship!!
    I was a HUGE green day fan!! I actually went to one of their concerts a few years ago, when I'm not such a big fan. It was probably one of the best shows I've seen! And all good songs, of course!

  3. I love everything about this!

  4. This is awesome! I'm in awe of all the mementoes you have kept through the years!
    I moved away from my BFF when we were 9. I had known her my whole life. Thankfully, we were able to maintain our friendship through the distance, and years, and 21 years later we are still best friends. Though we weren't always able to be together we certainly did create some memories!