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Pregnancy Dreams

Hey there!

I had my first pregnancy dream last night.  It was very bizarre and long, but the jist of it is that my uterus was having indigestion so a nurse stuck these packs of Tums to the outside of my belly and they rushed me to the hospital.  I don’t think anything came of it, probably because the boys woke me up before I could finish the dream. But how weird, indigestion of the uterus! Ha ha!

I think I had this dream because yesterday I wasn’t feeling the baby move all day.  I was so freaked out.  Nothing I did would make that baby kick. I was just terrified, what would I tell the boys? Should I go to the hospital just to check?  Last night, around 7:30, I felt what could have been a kick.  It was so faint, I wasn’t really sure.  Then about 8:15 I started feeling a series of kicks.  I finally started to relax.  This morning I felt a little kick again, so I think I was just panicking for no reason.  18 weeks is still early to be feeling the baby kick so it probably had more to do with that than anything else.  It’s hard when you get so used to feeling that baby then it just stops. 

What kind of weird pregnancy dreams did you have when pregnant?  Any fun plans this weekend?



  1. I have an amazing pregnancy story for you, but it isn't comment friendly. I will have to email it to you later today

  2. My pregnancy dreams were so bad that I would never tell another soul lol

  3. That dream is hilarious!! I remember having some pretty crazy dreams!!
    It is terrifying if you don't feel the baby move and you're used to it. Don't panick, just try and relax! I know, easier said that done!! That baby is healthy and strong, maybe just sleeping when you don't want it to be! Lol!

  4. I had a reoccuring dream about my old job. I kept showing up, and they let me hang arouond, but my former boss pulled me aside and told me I was welcome, but I wouldn't ever work there again. I literally woke up crying the first time I had that dream. HA!

  5. I don't remember any pregnancy dreams in particular, but that sure is a strange one! We've got a soccer game at 8:45 tomorrow morning, and lunch time fundraiser and then church, Sunday school and two birthday parties on Sunday. Geez, I'm already tired and the weekend hasn't even started!

  6. Hahaha tums stuck to your tummy! I think I went through twelve huge things of tums throughout my pregnancy!
    As for the kicks like very one says they are so sporadic at this stage! I know how it is though I was the same way! I went Nd got. Fetal Doppler also I could hear the heart beat (like a medical grade one) I'm a nut case!