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Sick :(

Dear Grandma,

Do you remember how often I used to get colds when I was a kid?  I walked around looking like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer half of the winter at least 3 times every summer.  Since having Aiden I seem to get colds less and less often, and they seem to get shorter and shorter each time.  Last week when Aiden started school he had a cold -- it didn't seem to be too bad and honestly, with kids it doesn't seem like being sick affects them at all.  Thursday I woke up with the sniffles and by Thursday night I was SICK.  Friday I didn't do much but take Aiden to school and run Brennan back and forth to the bathroom.  This cold really knocked me for a loop.  Finally Saturday morning I started to feel like myself again and have some energy to clean that pit that once was our house.  Then my husband and Brennan got it, but they were both able function with theirs.  Eck, I hate colds!  My nose was bright red for 3 days and I went through 2 boxes of Kleenex by myself.  I'm glad I lived through this virus to tell the tale.

Because half of us were fighting colds this weekend we didn't do too much.  Saturday we went to church and supper, Sunday we worked on prepping the deck to stain and water seal it.  We are going to rent a big belt sander used to refinish hardwood floors because the previous owners hadn't stained or sealed it in years and it is really showing some weather damage.  So hopefully by sanding the top layer off it'll get rid of that gray weathered look and it'll accept the stain and hold it better.  With the football games starting this weekend (and Andy having season tickets) who knows when we'll find time to get this job done.  This time of year the weekends really fill up for us.

Mom gave me some starts to plants at lunch today so I need to go get them planted. 

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