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Old Friends and New Friends

Another perk of living so close to home is getting to see old friends again.  Only now we have kids and they get to form a friendship.  This morning an old friend of mine, Lexie, and her two kids, Hannah and Eli, stopped by with a plate full of delicious brownies.  Our kids had never met before so it was fun to see how quickly they took to each other.  Hannah is the oldest of the group, she is one year older than Aiden.  And Eli is a few months older than Brennan.  I think they'll be good buddies for years to come. 

The weather here this week has been amazing!  70's and sunny, no humidity.  We've had a very hot, humid summer so this has been a nice reprieve.  The boys and I ran to town today to run a couple of errands after our friends left and stopped by the park to play.  They had a great time running and going down the slides.  It's been so nice to be able to stay outside as long as we want and not feel like we're melting.  We haven't been for a walk since we've moved, I think tonight would be a perfect night to get that started again.

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