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Playground Fun

Dear Grandma,
Today I took the boys to a new playground.  Every time we drive over to get groceries we go by this playground and Brennan yells "There it is!", like we were looking for it. :)  Anyway, today we had to run to town to get a couple of things at the store so we stopped at the playground on the way.  This playground was put in with money raised at a Memorial Golf Tournament.  In 2006 or 07 a couple lost their baby shortly after he was born, so to keep his memory alive they started up an annual golf tournament and the money raised goes back to their small town. From those funds they built this playset.  It's a really neat set, the boys just loved it!

One of the neat things about this playset is it's location -- it's right next to Dad's elementary school!  I remember playing on the old playground equipment when I was a kid (the jungle gym, monkey bars, swing set) so it's neat to come full circle with the boys.  I think we're going to meet Mom and Dad there for a picnic lunch or supper sometime so the boys can play, it'll be a fun time to listen to Dad reminisce.

I hope you're enjoying this beautiful day, the weather is almost perfect today!

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