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Making New Friends

Today we met up with an old classmate of mine who's little boy will be in Kindergarten with Aiden.  The boys hit it off and seemed to really get along well.  They both love to be outside so it was a match made in heaven.  My classmate, Brooke, brought along her sister-in-law, Jill, and her 2 little girls.  All 6 kids played and played and played.  And I was able to have some adult conversation without one of the boys begging to leave.  Jill grew up here and Brooke has lived here for quite a few years so they both have a lot of knowledge about the town and people here.  It's nice to finally know some 'locals.'

Yesterday my mom came over to help me in my overgrown flower beds.  The previous homeowners didn't have a lot of time to garden -- they had 4 year old triples and a 2 year old.  Needless to say all the flower beds are overgrown and just need to be redone. So my mom came over while Brennan napped and we dug and dug and dug....and dug some more.  The one bed we worked in is about 15'x8'.  It has 3 big spirea bushes in a row planted from the back to the front, which seemed really strange to us. And it had hostas overtaking the rest of the bed.  So we decided after we finally get some rain to soften the ground we'll dig up 2 of the spireas and plant them next to the other one forming a back border along the house.  We dug up most of the hostas and while doing this found 2 little rose bushes that were hidden among the hostas and being eaten alive by them.  One is about to bloom so after that has happened I'll transplant it to a better spot within the bed.  We moved a birdbath to this bed to give it a centerpiece and in the spring I'll go to our Master Gardener's annual sale and buy up a bunch of beautiful plants to complete this bed.  For right now it looks a little empty, but give it a year and it'll be amazing! 

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