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First Day Report

Dear Grandma,

Aiden's first day of Kindergarten was a success -- I know because he chattered non-stop for 10 minutes about his day (I usually have to drag it out of him) and he told me this morning he was excited to go back.  He told me he liked the lunch but that he didn't get to finish it because they were told lunch was over.  He learned the word 'the' but I'm guessing just to recognize it by sight, not how to spell it.  He played with one boy, then another boy and girl at recess, but doesn't remember their names.  They walked, them jumped, then walked again in PE.  Their classroom is HUGE.  Hmm, what else did he tell me?  To sum it up, he had a busy but wonderful day!

It is one of those picture perfect days today.  Bright blue sky, temps in the 70's, very low humidity and a soft, gentle breeze.  If the ground wasn't so darn dry I'd go out and dig in the flowerbeds while Brennan naps.  But the cracks are so deep and the dirt so hard.  I'm sure you went through a few droughts in your life, how did you cope with everything turning brown and the corn baking out in the fields?

I need to wash up the lunch dishes, I'll talk to you soon.

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