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Weekend Rewind || New Year's Edition

Hello 2017!  Wow, isn't that weird to say?  2017.  Do you say "two thousand seventeen" or "twenty seventeen"?  I'm the first way.  What's weird to me is thinking that 100 years ago it was 1917.  I don't think those alive in 1917 could come close to imagining how things would be today, from technology to medical advancements to day to day life.  Some times I wish we lived like they did 100 years ago - life would be so much simpler in so many ways.  And more difficult in others.

Again this year, New Year's Eve was quiet and simple.  That's just the way I like it!  Aiden had to be the altar server during mass at 4:00 so after that a sitter came over to stay with the kids while Andy and I went to town for supper.

I needed a few supplies at WalMart (diapers!) so we stopped there and had way too much fun walking around the place without kids in tow. 😄

We stopped by the new Casey's gas station in town to check it out.

Because WalMart was sold out of jalepnos we ran to the grocery store to grab those.  We ran into my mom's cousin in there and so had to stop and catch up with her for 10 minutes. Ha ha!

Finally we made it home by, gasp!, 8:30!!!  We quickly got the kiddos off to bed and then sat on the couch watching New Years Rockin' Eve and the news at 9.

At 10:15 we decided there was no way we were making it to 11:00 to watch the ball drop in Times Square so we headed to bed.  We are quite the partiers here, ha ha ha!!! 😆

I did wake up and look at the clock at one point - it was 12:01, I'd just missed it. Darn!

New Year's Day started off pretty perfect, the kids let us sleep in until 7:00!  I got up, made some eggs and hash browns for breakfast then we loaded up the car and headed to a state park about 30 minutes from us.  Last year in Iowa they started a 'First Day Hike' at a bunch of the state parks on New Year's Day.  We thought what better way to start off the new year than with something healthy and active?!?  We got there just before 10 and so did my sister's family and my parents - fun!  They gave out free walking sticks so the kids all grabbed one.  We were all bundled up because the temps were in the high 20's.

It was so fun and the weather was perfect!  Sunny, fresh air, beautiful scenery!  We had Tenley snuggled under 3 blankets, 2 stocking hats and a warm pair of mittens so she was all set!  We went on the short walk, 1.5 miles. The long walk, 3 miles, went through the timber on un-paved trails which we thought would be a bit difficult with the strollers.  Afterward they had hot chocolate and treats.  It was such a great way to kick off our new year and I think for sure we'll be making this a New Year's Day tradition from here on out, whether at the park or on our own.

The rest of Sunday/New Year's Day we puttered around the house. Andy's working on Phase II of our basement remodel so he worked down there for awhile, we watched the Iowa Men's basketball game, the kids played toys and built puzzles and we watched some NFL football.

Today Iowa plays in the Outback Bowl so we are headed to our friend's house to watch them play.  Go Hawks!

Happy New Year, friends!  I hope it's the best year yet for all of us!  Here are some words of wisdom to leave you with. I saw this on IG and loved it! (Follow me on SnapChat erinmcguire81)

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  1. Your NYE sounded so relaxing... maybe for me next year.