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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  The kids are back to their school routine and we are fully settled into 2017!
A few of my favorites this week.

Photo Books
Gosh, 5 years ago now (???) I made a photo book about the two older boys.  It's one of my favorite mementos. Tate found it on the book shelf awhile back and liked looking at it.  I decided then to make one for Tate for Christmas.

Guys, oh my goodness does he LOVE it!!!  He brings that book to me no less than 5 times a day asking me to read it to him.  He smiles through the whole thing and says 'yea' after each page (agreeing with what it said about him).  It is by far his favorite gift from Christmas and favorite book on the book shelf. I do believe Tenley will be receiving one in a year or two.


I used Shutterfly to make mine and they often have 50% off sales and even free 8x8 books quite a bit.  I got my code from a purchase at Old Navy, I've gotten them in my Kohl's bills before, you can use your Pamper's codes to redeem for them ... just keep your eye out and you'll probably find one.  My mom had me help her make a book for my Grandma with the pictures I took at her 80th birthday celebrations this year, too.  It made a really nice gift!

Portable highchair seat
I don't know about you but those wooden highchairs in restaurants gross me out!  All the grime and grease and gunk, eck!  Plus they are HUGE for my tiny Tenley and the straps never work and she can wiggle around, turn around, stand up and sneak her way out of there every.single.time.

WAAAAYYYY back when I was pregnant with Aiden (11 years ago, sniffle) a salon client had me go out to her house to go through a bunch of her baby stuff. She had this awesome little seat that hangs on/attaches to most tables and it's super portable.  I snagged it right up and never used it until now with Tenley. What was I thinking with the other three??? This thing is amazing!  It's CLEAN, the straps work so I can buckle her in, she can't wiggle her way out because it snugs right up to the table, she's on the same level as us, sitting right next to us and it's totally 100% AWESOME!

For some reason it embarrasses Andy when we carry it in to restaurants but every single time I get a compliment on it from either the waitress or other diners.  We took it to a wedding reception even!  This venue didn't have a highchair but we were all set regardless.  It folds flat so storing it in the back of our car is no problem.  It is seriously the best thing!  My aunt has one that she used with her kids and she still pulls it out at her house for her grandkids to sit in for meals.  So much nicer than a grandparent having to store a highchair for those few occasions the kids are eating at their house.  Have I gushed enough to convince you that you need one?!? :)

Now the bad news - I can't find them online ANYWHERE!!! They are listed as sold out on Amazon and they don't know if they'll be restocked.  No!!!  Mine is called the Graco Travel Lite Table Chair.  Maybe you can find something similar after looking that one up.  Sorry!  But it is definitely one of my Friday Favorites!

Target Dollar Spot
Ugh, you GUYS!!!  This little 'hot spot' at Target gets me every.single.time!!!  I always go over board in this area.  It got me again last weekend.  They had Valentine's Day decorations and since V-Day is one of my favorite holidays I couldn't help but stock up!

I bought not one but TWO garlands - love me some cute garlands!  This one has mini clips on the back so you can hang pictures or Valentines from them if you want.  I won't, I like it just for decoration on my mantle.

This second garland fit perfectly in my kitchen window!  I don't have a ton of decorations for the heart holiday so the only room I usually have decorated is the living room.  I love that I now have something for my kitchen!  The tassels are so cute!

Back in October I found some cute Halloween plates in the Dollar Spot that Tate just loved so when I found these adorable HEART plates I couldn't pass them up!

I also grabbed this sweet birthday plate for my special little loves to use on their special days!

I could have bought so much more but held myself back since I'm trying to cut back on the unnecessary spending I seem to be infected with.  :)

P.S. Target is clearancing out tons of cute kids clothes right now, run and grab yourself some!

I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend.  I'll see you back here Monday!


  1. I snagged that Valentine tassel garland too!!! They have so much cute stuff right now in the dollar spot.


  3. I love the book idea... I may just have to use it for next years books to all my babies. I used to sit in a high chair like that at my grandmas. After a few Aunts and Uncles, me and about 12 of 32 grandchildren they had to retire it. I found one on a swap site and we take it every where too... mainly camping but it travels with us other places too.

    That Target $1 spot <3. I picked up 3 of the robot plates and a few decorations. We love Valentines Day, this is when we have our "romantic family dinner" so they boys are always looking for a new decor or two.