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The Year That Was || 2016

At the end of 2015 I prayed so hard for a smooth and easy 2016.  We had a run of years with some pretty awful things happening to us (loss of 2 pregnancies, my dad's farming accident) and we desperately needed a 'coasting' year.  Those prayers were answered and 2016 was a great, EASY year for us!  Here are a few highlights from the year that was.

For some reason all of my kiddos got older this year - how dare they! :)  In 2016 Aiden turned 10, Brennan 7, Tate 2, and Tenley 1.

Summer Vacation
We had a fun trip out to Omaha in July.  The zoo and water park were the highlights of the trip.  Bren said his favorite memory of 2016 was going down the pitch black water slide with Andy! :)

County Fair
Aiden had a great first year in 4H!  We were so proud of him and all the hard work he put into his sheep project!  It was a family project for sure and we have a lot of fond memories of working the sheep out on the farm.

The boys ended 4th and 1st grades and started 5th and 2nd this year!

Oh all the sports!  We had basketball, soccer, baseball, flag football and tackle football.  The boys played countless rounds of golf with Andy at the course.  Andy and Aiden did the Father/Son Basketball Camp at Iowa.  Andy and I went to an Iowa Football game with friends and took the boys to a couple Iowa Basketball games.  We watched too many hours of the Olympics to count.  Rooted on and cheered for the World Series Champs the Cubs (and became lifelong fans!).  Sports seem to rule when you have a house full of boys! :)

House Projects
We finished the basement bathroom - hooray!!!  And, after 5 years of wishing and hoping, we put in a huge picture window in the living room - hip hip hooray!!!

Potty Training
After the second attempt we finally got Tatie Tot potty trained!  Boy is that nice!

That's just a taste of all that went on for the McGuire's in 2016.  We were blessed beyond measure and pray that our 2017 is just as wonderful and smooth sailing.  I pray each and everyone of you have an easy and blessed 2017 as well.

Happy New Year!


  1. YAY! Tate is potty trained. I don't think you ever shared your new window and I love it.... HAPPY NEW YEAR Erin & Family!

  2. My favorite part of YOUR year was the sheep! I loved reading about the sheep!