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Tenley Louise || 14 Months

 Precious girl, you are growing  up so fast!  There isn't one thing  about you that's baby anymore  and that makes this momma  sad.  On the other hand I am so  happy to be your mommy and  to be here to watch you grow  and learn.

 You are a very curious little girl.  You like figuring things out and  you want to know what is going  on with others at all times.  You  hear things happening in the  basement with the boys and will  run over to the basement door,  drop down on your tummy and  try looking under the door to  see what is going on.

 As soon as you hear someone  coming in from the garage you  go running to the baby gate that  blocks off the kitchen and wait  to see who it is.  Then you make  all kinds of happy noises, kind  of run in place and get very  cranky with Daddy if he doesn't  sweet talk you right away.  You  are 100% a daddy's girl already.  You get very angry with him  when he crosses the baby gate  and grabs his coat to leave if  he's not smothered you with  love first. You will stand there  at the gate and cry and cry and cry until you make him feel super guilty. Then he will come back, pick you up and kiss and hug you.  Immediately you sniffle and then smile at him because you got what you wanted - Daddy!

You are saying a few words here and there.  "Hi-ee" is very clear.  "Yea" is said a lot.  "Dada" and "Mama" are spoken quite a bit, too.  You can moo, quack, bark, and baa.  We've even had you repeat "night night" a few times.  I think you are a very smart little girl - when I ask you if you need your diaper changed you will nod or say "yea!" and then run over to the diaper changing spot on the floor and lay down.  Wow!  And when it's time for bed I tell you it's time to go 'night night' and you smile, grab your snuggly blankie and run for your room!  You know where socks and shoes go (on your feet) and try to put shirts on. I think you might be a little fashionista someday because you love playing with clothes and shoes.

You are such a happy, easy little girl!  You are always smiling and laughing.  The only time you get fussy is when Tate takes a toy from you (which happens more often than I'd like to admit).  The only time you get mad is when Daddy tries leaving without saying one more goodbye OR when you are hungry or see someone else with food.  You love to eat!  You are not very fussy about what you eat, just so long as you have it when you want it.  You love snacking on Goldfish crackers after nap and feel like quite the big girl sitting on the couch next to Tate while you have that snack.  Fruit is, of course, your favorite food but you also love your veggies and chicken.  You are pretty much eating everything we do unless it's something spicy.  You love your sweets, like cake and ice cream!  You are relentless about getting your share when I am having dessert. :)

You are the sweetest little mommy and you love your dollies!  You especially love pushing them around in your new pram!  You know how to feed them a bottle and we are working on the burping and rocking part.

Anytime you hear music, whether from the TV or a toy, you immediately start bobbing your head and swaying your cute little body.  I can't wait for the day you start taking dance, I can tell you are going to love it!  You also love to hum to yourself, so sweet!  Music is in your heart.

You are very good at picking up toys and putting them in baskets.  Sometimes you like taking toys out of one basket and running them all the way across the room to another basket to deposit them in.  Back in the Fall I brought in the little slide from outside and you love playing on that.  You hide under it with the boys or climb on top of it and jump around.

You were given quite a few fun, girly toys for your birthday and Christmas.  You like playing with the Little People that came in your castle and love the picnic basket that plays songs.  You are a book-a-holic and will sit and look through books many times throughout a day.  Sometimes you bring me or Daddy a book then climb up on our laps to look at it with us.  We don't get through reading a whole page very often before you are ready to turn the page and discover what's on it.  'That's Not My Princess' is your current favorite.

I think you believe Aiden hung the moon.  I hate to say this but I think he's your favorite brother (for now).  The two of you seem to be kindred spirits and I'm excited to watch as you two grow together. I have a feeling that the day he leaves for college will be a very sad one in your life.  I'm sure we'll be hugging each other crying that day as he leaves us. Brennan is totally in love with you, too, and tries playing with you whenever he gets a chance.

You transitioned over to whole milk with no problems.  I was a tad worried because you were so fond of your bottles and formula but we just started adding more whole milk and less formula to your bottles until it was all whole milk.  And the bottles, well, taking those away turned out not to be a big deal, either.  You haven't taken a pacifier in a couple months, you prefer your ring and middle finger to suck on with your pinkie and pointer finger resting on either side of your mouth.  I didn't even try taking the pacifier away, you did it all on your own.  Maybe you will surprise me and make potty training super easy too!  Can I make a request that it's sooner rather than later? :)

You have 3 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom and very little hair.  Loulie Girl, where is your hair?!?  I want to put barrettes and piggy tails in so bad, why is it taking so long to grow in? :)  You are wearing 12 and 18mo clothing and getting close to wearing size 5 shoes.  Diapers are size 3.

I could sit here and write about you all day, you are an absolute joy to have around!  We are all so lucky to call you our Tenley Weese!  Keep on being smart and silly and sassy and girly, Pretty Pink Petunia Princess!

All my love,


  1. Awww. What a sweet heart.
    Lou and Julia seem to have so much in common: daddy's girls, love the music, so curious, little hair. Some day these girlies need to meet (and so do their mommies)!

  2. She is growing like a weed. I love her sweet smile and the way she is looking at big brother in that picture.