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Friday Favorites

We made it to another Friday (and everyone shouted HOORAY!)! This week was tough, gals!  I tell you, strep throat is NO JOKE! Neither is the fact that my stomach just does not handle medicine very well.  I didn't step out of the house in makeup and real clothes between Tuesday of last week and this Wednesday - no lie.  I'm still taking my prescription for the strep but finally my stomach is back to normal, and so am I!  Andy and I had a celebratory lunch date (with the two little ones) yesterday because I texted him in the morning telling him I was finally back to normal! It was a long time coming and my amazing, doting husband rocked things by taking caring of the house, the kids and me for the entire week.  I love that man! 💗

On to my Friday Favorites for the week!

I got a planner at Target in the Dollar Spot for $1 that I'm using to write down all of the upcoming link ups I want to participate in.  Why in the world have I not thought to do this before?!? Something so simple and gosh will it help me stay on top of things where my little piece of the internet is concerned.

I also picked one up to use strictly for my PTO business.  I figured I'd be able to look back on it next year when I'm trying to remember just what there is going on at the school in February or May or whenever.  I'm on a mini-mission to get organized around here and these two planners are going to help.  Plus, $1!!!

Tate!  Next month this big boy turns 3 (hold me!) and I can't wait to write a whole post dedicated just to him.  He is such a fun kid and I love getting to spend my days with him. He is definitely one of my favorites every week but this week I had to share him as a favorite because, that hair! :)  Hats are tricky with a mop of hair. Wink

Miranda Lambert's latest CD 'The Weight of These Wings' is absolutely a favorite of mine!  It has two CD's in it titled 'The Heart' and 'The Nerve'.  I've listened to both but am currently listening to 'The Heart' on repeat and totally digging it!  If you are a Miranda fan and don't have this CD yet GO GET IT!!!
Image result for miranda lambert's new cd

Short and sweet this Friday.  I'll see you back here next week!


  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better!
    Tate is turning three?! HOWWWWW?!!
    Ooooh, I love me some Miranda Lambert. I have some iTune credit I need to use up. Looks like I found a CD to download!

  2. I love Miranda Lambert. I am going to have to look into her new music. I would really like to see her in concert.

    That picture of Tate... he is so stinkn' cute.