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Life Lately

Good morning, friends!  'Life Lately' has been busy but with nothing really going on, if that makes any sense.  What I mean is we've been busy doing day to day life but we haven't had any major events going on.  Until I looked back on my camera I didn't think I had anything to blog about.  Boy was I wrong!  Here's Life Lately...

Aiden gave his presentation to his 4-H club.  Every year each 4-H-er has to give a presentation to their club, preferably one that is Ag or 4-H related.  Sometimes a kid will do a presentation that they gave at school, so maybe something on History.  This being Aiden's first year we (I) were fretting over what topic for him to do.  My first thought was Farm Safety but we settled on him doing Shop Safety instead.  It seemed to me to be more relevant to Aiden at this time because he is always out in the garage helping Andy when Andy works on the basement (we are finally working on finishing the bathroom!).  So, Aiden and I sat down and brainstormed about what people should know for Shop Safety.  We typed up the main talking points and Aiden cut out and glued those onto his poster board. Then he practiced his presentation in front of us 2 times.  Finally it was showtime!  He nailed it (ha, pun not intended!)!!!  I was so darn proud of him, he did such a great job!  I could hear the nervousness in his voice a little but he didn't let that stop him!  It can be so intimidating to speak in front of your classmates, let alone the older kids that are in the club.  Job well done, Aiden!

The boys spent the night at their friend's house, who happen to be brothers.  According to Brennan, he and Cooper stayed up until 2am. (I find that hard to believe).  This meant that he was super tired when he got home Sunday afternoon at 1:30.  I suggested he lay down and take a nap but of course he claimed he wasn't tired.  He climbed up next to Andy on the couch and 5 minutes later I look over and see this.  Mmm hmm, not tired at all. :)

Miss Tenley has gotten big enough to get the Jumperoo out. She loves it!  She sits in there for quite some time looking around and seeing the world in an upright position. The boys were super excited about her being in there, too, and were constantly checking on her and helping her 'jump' in it.  

Last week it warmed up to almost 60 degrees here one day so I took advantage of the warmer weather and washed coats and Tenley's car seat blanket.  My mom made it, it stays in the seat and is under her so I can wrap her up warmly without it blowing off her.  Love it!  So I took it out, along with the head protector that keeps her head from rolling too far to one side or the other.  We decided to meet Daddy for lunch and when I put her in the seat without all of that extra stuff she just looked so darn grown up in it!  I mean, doesn't she look BIG in this picture??  Plus, that smile! :) :) :)

My little thumb sucker.  :)

Oh my goodness, THIS GUY!!!  He is such a monkey!  First I caught him in the cabinet where we keep all of his books.  He'd pulled them all out and climbed in.  Super cute. Then an hour later I look over and he is in the top shelf of this cabinet!!!  I have no idea how he got in there but I totally cracked up at it!  Then I had to help him down. :)  He tried climbing in again later but I caught him in time and talked him out of it.  What a goof ball!

About 6 weeks ago I bought Tenley's Easter dress, size 6-9 months.  Well, the little peanut is just that, a little peanut, so it wasn't going to fit her.  Saturday I took it back and tried exchanging it for a 3-6m size.  Guess what, they were all out!  They had clearanced the rest of that particular dress and all that was left was 0-3m and 6-9m.  Waaa!!! I was so bummed out!!!  So I grabbed these 3 and sent the picture to Andy asking which he liked best.  Then I decided no on all of them because I didn't want to spend $20 on the dress plus another $10 on the cardi to go with it.  (Side note -- dress makers, start sending LONG SLEEVED Easter dresses to Iowa, we are never warm enough for short sleeves on Easter!!!)  We ended up going to another Target, still not finding the dress but found another one that I decided to live with.  I'm not 100% happy with it and still might look for something else but for now it'll have to do.  

Tate can tell us who everyone is when asked - who's that? "Mommy!"  who's that? "Daddy!"  And now when we point to him and ask who's that? he says "Tatie Tot!"  :)

Our little lady is turning into a wiggly little worm and is starting to scoot herself around. When I change her diaper she makes frog legs then pushes herself back with her feet.  Makes diaper changes challenging!  Yesterday when I went into the kitchen to make supper she was laying in the middle of her playmat.  When I came back she was NOT on her playmat anymore! And she had kicked off her sock and was pretty happy about it!

Last, we went to town for groceries and errands yesterday morning.  We stopped at the bank and I told Tate we'd see Grandma Jean.  Well, Grandma Jean wasn't there, she was at a different branch, and boy was he mad about that!

That's Life Lately!


  1. All of these pictures of your kids are so stinking cute! You have the CUTEST bunch of kids!

    I am not impressed with all the Easter dresses out there either! Or the fact that they are all sleeveless! We can't pull sleeveless off here! I settled for one at Target. For Lukas, I can't find anything I love. I bought a few shirts on sale that I will decided on later. I am not impressed this season!

  2. These are my favorite posts to look back on . . . the ones that just give the random details of life that will be forgotten if we don't write them down. Your babies are so adorable. I love that Aiden is involved in 4H and what a great experience to present in front of a group at his age! Brennan is like every other kid . . . why do they think it's cool to stay up too late and then be exhausted the next day. Wait, why do we do that? Ha! Loulah - you're almost making me cry - those tiny little sweet dresses and cute bows. Wahhh, I want those days back. And cute little Tate . . . love that he's a climber - my boys were like that. Glad that "life lately" is treating you well!

  3. Aiden is looking so old these days!
    Lol - Bren! I remember trying to stay up so late with my friends. I'm sure we exaggerated our times, too.
    Tate! Haha! That was so Marcus about that age.
    And Tenley!! Shes growing so quickly. And I'm with you on the Easter dresses. Even here I wish there were long sleeves! Since when is it warm enough in March or April for tank top like sleeves?!!!