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Tate's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Tate's 2nd birthday this past weekend.  It was a nice, small party with family.

We started with lunch.  Andy grilled brats and hot dogs while I made some of Pioneer Woman's Rosemary Potatoes.  We also had a lettuce salad and chips.  It wasn't a huge meal but we figured with everyone going to Super Bowl parties that night they wouldn't want to eat too much.  Everyone loved the meat off the grill - winter gets long around here and everyone gets excited to eat off the grill!

For dessert it was cake and ice cream!  Tate is a fan of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood so we asked a local bakery to make him a Daniel Tiger cake. They did a great job decorating the cake special for our little Tatie Tot!  He was SO excited to see Daniel on his special cake!  When it was delivered the day before his party he was went nuts over the cake!  He actually screamed and cried big ol' tears when I put the lid back on the cake box!  So, he was very happy about his 2nd birthday cake.  :)

We lit the candles and started singing.  He started with a huge smile then as the song went on he became more and more shy and withdrawn.  I thought for sure the tears were about to start but nope!  He pulled out of it!

He ate NONE of his cake but almost ALL of his frosting - true 2 year old!

Once the cake was all gone and the sugar was doing it's job it was time to open presents.  Tate must remember Christmas very well because he knew exactly what to do with those presents!

Tate had so much fun opening and playing with his new presents!  He was very spoiled!  He will get the presents from us on his actual birthday, tomorrow.  I can't wait to celebrate our little Tater Tot some more!

Last night we had some of his leftover cake and we sang Happy Birthday to him again - he really loves that!

Happy Birthday, Tate!


  1. AWWWW! Tate is getting so big. Happy Birthday Big Guy!

  2. Aww, Happy Birthday Tate! My Kyle has a February birthday! I miss the days of shopping for toys instead of electronics . . . it was a whole lot cheaper and way more fun. I'm sad to say I don't even know what Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is . . . wahhh, my kids are getting so old!

  3. How is Tate TWO?! Daniel Tiger was a fan favorite for some time in our house, too!
    What a sweet, adorable little boy. I hope he has the best birthday!! More cake and more singing sounds like a good way to keep the celebrations rolling.

  4. I can't believe that he's 2 already... so crazy!! Happy birthday Tate!!

  5. I cannot believe Tate is 2!!! Happy birthday Tate!!!