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What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating this week... Pork.  With the warmer weather over the last week we have grilled out a few times.  Marinated pork chops, pork burgers, and brats.  Those were some good meals!  I made some funky enchiladas Monday night and last nigh we had a pork roast with corn and potatoes.  That's a lot of pork this week!  My dad fattens up a hog for us every other year so we always have some in the freezer but we don't always eat that much in a week's time.

What I'm reminiscing about... the simpler times of days gone by.  We love having our big little family but I do still miss the simplicity of having just one child, and the even simpler days of it just being me and Andy.  I've also been reminiscing about my childhood - now those were simple days!

What I'm loving... my new IPhone.  I've had it a full month now and I really like it!  I don't know if I'll ever go back to an Android.  

What we've been up to... laundry.  I feel like I am doing laundry all the time!  I am thinking of limiting the boys to 2 or 3 pairs of jammies per week.  Right now they wear a different pair every night and all of those jammies are weighing me down! Is it gross to wear the same pair 2 or 3 nights in a row?  

What I'm dreading... Aiden raising sheep for 4H.  There are so many reasons I am dreading this.  As of right now we have nowhere for him to put them, we have no way to transport them, we have no idea what in the hell we are doing, it's going to cost money and I doubt we get any of that back, etc etc etc.  He really wants to do this but we are the ones worrying and stressing over the how's, where's and what's.  I want this for him but for me I'd much rather pass on the whole darn thing.  Why oh why don't we live in the country? That'd make this all so much easier.  

What I'm working on... finding the perfect tile for the basement bathroom.  Yes, I showed you what I thought was 'thee' perfect tile but after a little consideration (and seeing some tile I loved on Fixer Upper) we changed our minds.  And so now I'm working on finding that tile.  Let me tell you, Lowes and Menards don't carry it.  Boo.  That means it's pricey.  Luckily it's not a big room so the overall cost won't be too terrible.  Hoping to find time this weekend to go looking.

What I'm excited about... my birthday!!!  It's tomorrow, I'm going to be 35!  That's as "mid thirties" as you can get. After this year it's the down hill side of the roller coaster hill to 40.  That makes me shit my pants and feel like puking.   No kidding.  BUT! The birthday part, that's what I'm excited about!!!  Andy is making me crock pot cake, yum!  He'll make a big deal over me, which is about the sweetest thing about that guy, and I'll feel all warm and fuzzy all day.  Aren't birthdays the best?

What I'm watching/reading... UP TV.  Have you guys found this channel yet?  I love it!  Well, during the late morning and afternoons.  It starts with 7th Heaven at 11:00, 12 and 1, then at 2 and 3 it's one of my all time favorite shows 'Ed'.  After that, Gilmore Girls!!!  I pretty much just turn the TV to UP and leave it there all afternoon.  I toodle around the house cleaning, checking blogs, writing my posts, etc, but it's on in the background.  Yesterday 7th Heaven finished up - I never saw the last couple seasons - and I was bawling like a baby!  I hate when shows end, don't you?  So today it starts all over again with the first season!  I'm kind of excited about it. :)

What I'm listening to... the click click click of the baby swing.  Tenley, that sweet little girl, is still sleeping in there during the day.  I swear, I am going to work on her sleeping in her crib during the day - soon! Just not today.  I am enjoying the peace and quiet of two sleeping babes.  Don't judge me!

What I'm wearing... old, ugly, not trendy in the least, clothes.  I'm so bored with what I own, need to go shopping in the worst way, just don't have time to get there.  It's not fun clothes shopping with littles in tow, am I right?  And I'm shaped funny enough that it's hard to just order something online and have it fit when it arrives.  Add to that I'm cheap and freak out spending money on clothes and you get a pitiful closet. 

What I'm doing this weekend... it's another busy weekend ahead for the McGuire crew.  Saturday morning Aiden has his final basketball tournament of the season.  Following that all 3 boys are going to my mom and dad's for the weekend.  We planned this so we could go out to celebrate my birthday and Valentine's Day (late) but some friends are coming back from Omaha for the weekend so we are now going out with them, plus another couple from our old town.  So it won't be just the 2 of us (well, 3 with Tenley) but it's going to be even more fun because we'll be with our friends!  As of right now I don't know where we're going or what we're doing but it'll be fun no matter what since they'll all be there!  Sunday the boys will still be gone so we'll just spend time spoiling Tenley with love and attention. For supper that night we are going to my folk's to celebrate all of the February and March birthdays.  There's me, Brennan, my dad, brother in law, sister, niece and my sweet Grandma who passed away a few years ago.  My mom's birthday is April 4th so that's right in there, too.  Nuts how we're all mushed together!

What I'm looking forward to next month... warmer temps, Easter, Brennan's 7th birthday and the beginning of soccer. Andy's going to be coaching Brennan's team this year and I'm so excited for him to be doing this!  It's going to be a hoot!  

Bonus question
What is my favorite Easter tradition... the Easter egg hunt at my Uncle Ferd's house!  These days it's at a church yard because my Aunt Martha took over the hosting duties so she rents the church basement for lunch.  Back when I was a kid they'd shuttle all of us kids down to the basement of Uncle Ferd's house while the adults and big kids (teenagers) went out the the yard and threw candy all over the place!  When I was really little they'd actually hide plastic eggs but that got to be too much of a pain, thus throwing candy.  Now as an adult I still absolutely love this tradition!  I buy a couple bags of candy, along with a bunch of other grown up kids, and we go walking through the church yard throwing candy.  The kids are told to stay in the church basement while we do this.  Then, once we are done throwing the candy, we go in and make strict rules about the big kids running all the way to the other end of the yard so the little kids can have a chance at finding candy, then let them go.  I grab my little kids and their sack and we go out to the yard to see what we can find.  The kids all love it and I can almost feel what I felt as a kid all those years ago.  It's a little magical that way.  

This afternoon Brennan has his second eye appointment.  Fingers crossed what the doctor told us last month holds true and it's just that his eye muscles need to catch up.  Say a quick prayer for us if you get a chance.



  1. Happy Birthday to you!
    I hope you get some great news at the eye doctor!

  2. I totally have the kids sleep in their pajamas two nights in a row!!
    Easter was always so fun growing up. My grandparents always had a big dinner followed by a huge egg hunt for all the cousins. It was so much fun.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope tomorrow is the best day!

  3. Did I really miss this many days of reading blogs? Last week was a blur . . . now the weekend is half way over! Hope you had an amazing date night and a relaxing day tomorrow!

    Soooo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 35 . . . not too shabby! You still have loads of time before you celebrate the big 4-0 so enjoy it!

    Praying all went well with Brennan . . . the kids will worry us to death!

    Love the Easter Egg Hunt memories - how cool is it that you did basically the same thing as a kid and now your kids get to enjoy it! I grew up in VA and now live in GA so we have to make our own traditions.

    I love the sheep idea . . . can he raise it with your family? Or does that not qualify? What a great experience though. Baaaaa. :-)