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So What Wednesday

It's been forever since I did a So What Wednesday post so I think it's high time to get one written up.
Here's what I'm say 'So What' to this week:

So what if...

\\ Tate shoved a raisin up his nose yesterday.  He sneezed, it flew out, all's well that ends well.

\\ I'm drinking Mt Dew like a pro again.  I'm tired, I don't drink coffee and I'm just trying to function like a human so if that's what it takes... :)

\\ I absolutely despise dress up days at school.  They are work for the parent, not the kid.  I don't have the imagination to think up and put together these outfits but if they don't get dressed up then they feel left out.  How many students feel left out by these days because the parents don't have the resources to dress their kids up for them?  They are supposed to be fun but for me they create all kinds of anxiety.  I hate school dress up days.

\\ I've decided to stop turning the big boy's and Andy's shirts right side out when folding them because, lets face it, they're lucky I even fold their clothes these days!  Hello, laundry for 6 people?  That's a lot!

That's what I'm saying So What to this week!


  1. I remember laundry for 6. When I was about 11 my mom gave me laundry duty (and all the cleaning duties but that is for another story). In the house were my parents, my three brothers and me. I was in charge of washing, drying, folding and putting away everything but my brothers clothes. IT SUCKED!!! It would literally take me days, face it I was 11 and would rather have been a kid then taking care of house stuff. However, it is probably why I am the way I am today. No one is allowed to fold laundry but me because I have my ways and I learned how to stay up on it by doing two loads a day, three if we are lucky.

    Aren't toddlers the funniest.... raisin in his nose. I got turned off to raisins when my cousin was a toddler, which is why I don't have them in my house or I am sure Oliver would have put one up his nose too.

  2. Tate and the raisin! I had to chuckle.
    What is school dress up day? So they wear church clothes, or themed stuff (like, 70s day, athletic team day)?
    I have a rule with folding clothes - it's more for Scott right now, but eventually the kids, too- I fold the clothes they way the come out of the dryer. If you can't put your shirt in the hamper right side out, then that's how I fold it!

  3. Yep, Yep and Yep! I can relate to just about all of that (minus 2 kids) LOL

  4. OMG - yes to the dress up days. Amanda just got the Immigration Day notice home and she needs an outfit. Boo. Hiss. And I love your attitude about the raisin . . . glad it "ended well!" LOL!

  5. A raisin up the nose!?!?! We haven't had anything in the nose or ears yet. Yet!!! Thank goodness!!!

    I miss Mountain Dew dearly!!! I can't drink it anymore because of the migraine meds I take. I don't drink any soda and I yearn for it some days!

  6. and it's even better when your kids announce that it's today! i have had my daughter come up to me and announce that it's crazy hair day...3 minutes before we're supposed to leave. WHY???

  7. The first one made me laugh and the second one is totally acceptable. And laundry for 6 people? Overwhelming!