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Weekend Rewind

Wow did we have a busy weekend!  It started Friday night with a quick trip to town to get Aiden some new muck boots.  He'd outgrown his old ones - they were a size 2 and his new boots are a size SIX!!!  Uh yea, I think his feet have grown!  He officially wears a bigger shoe than me, and he's not even 10 yet!!!  The bunny rabbits were in the farm store so Tate was able to see them hopping around in their bin.  That's a definite sign Spring is on it's way!  We got home just in time for showers and bedtime.

Saturday morning Aiden had his last basketball tournament of the season.  We left the house at 7:00 to get there by 7:45.  His team lost their first game, won their second and lost their third.  We didn't leave the school until 1:00!!!  It was a long morning!  Luckily my parent's live only 7 minutes from that school so I ran Tate there after the second game.  Tenley did so good all morning, she was passed from person to person and was given tons of snuggles!  Brennan was MIA most of the tournament, off playing with his buddy Cooper.  Aiden did really well and it was fun to see him out there on the court again.  With basketball being over we are moving on to soccer - the first game is the first Saturday of April so practice will be starting in the next couple of weeks.  We won't even finish soccer before baseball starts. Going to be a busy few months coming up.  Lets hope the babies can handle all the craziness and being on the go.

After the tournament we took the older boys to my parent's house to stay the weekend, along with Tate.  My folks' are right in the thick of lambing season so the boys were outside helping with the new babies quite a bit.  They went out to the timber with my dad for a walk.  Brennan found a shed deer antler just before he stepped into the crick where the water was higher than his boot.  I guess he was pretty wet and waterlogged on the walk back! :)

Meanwhile, Andy, Tenley and I went to the big city to get a little Easter shopping done and to meet friends for supper.  We were at the restaurant for 2 hours (it was super busy!) but Tenley and the 1 year old that was her date (ha ha!) were so good the whole time!  It was noisy in there, and our table was definitely adding to the racket, but they were so calm and cool through it all!  We had a great time catching up with our crazy group, it was a much needed night out for Andy and me!

Sunday morning Andy, Tenley and I went to church then headed back to the big city to finish up our shopping.  Andy made a comment that he felt outnumbered by women (finally!) and he treated his girls to some shopping and lunch.  We got home with enough time to make chocolate sheet cake before we headed out to my parent's house to get the boys and have supper.  We were celebrating all of the February and March birthdays, and in our family we have a lot!  The majority of us celebrate in one of those 2 month's -- isn't that crazy?!?  We had supper, ate sheet cake and took a few pictures.  :)

Nora, Pat, Tate, Nicole, Dad, Me and Grandma, Brennan
I swear I didn't sit down to relax all weekend!  It was go go go!  Now I'm trying to play catch up.  Today Tate started going to my sister's house once a week for 2 hours to play with her daycare kiddos.  I've felt for awhile that he needs to learn how to play with other kids so I begged my sister to let him come to her daycare once a week.  She was super sweet and said yes right away.  While he is there for 2 hours Tenley and I are going to run our weekly errands.  Luckily this morning I (barely) had enough stuff to do for 2 hours but every week I'm not sure.  Once the weather warms up I think we'll start taking a walk for part of those hours.  Today, though, we washed the car, filled the tank up with gas, hit up Goodwill for a basket to spray paint and use as Tenley's waste basket (we scored!), wandered around WalMart and bought more than was on my list and got groceries.  And guess what -- Tenley slept the entire time!!!  I couldn't beg her to sleep through all of that any other time but today when I needed her company she was out like a light.  Ha ha, pretty girl!

Since Tate was not home (for the most part) since Friday night when we got home this morning at 11 he started to pull out all of his toys and sit in the middle of them all.  It was like reuniting him with his long lost friends! So sweet and cute. :)

That was one heck of a busy weekend, and it looks like we are going to come close to that again this weekend.  Let's see - Andy and Aiden have a rabbit meeting for 4-H (he's considering showing a rabbit), Brennan has his friend party at the bowling alley, the big boys have religion class and we have both our families coming to celebrate Bren's birthday Sunday.  Gosh, I'm tired already!

Hope your's was a good one!


  1. It sounds like your weekend was exactly like mine! I think I need a few days off just to recover. Love the family picture! XOXO

  2. Girl you are always on the go. Our life seems to have slowed for a bit and for that I am happy, we do have baseball coming up in April. I am hoping in this lull I can get some remodeling done... Have a good week and I hope you get some rest.

  3. My favorite part was Tate being reunited with his toys . . . so sweet! Sounds like you need a weekend from your weekend! Where is the "big city" for you guys? Glad you and Andy had a nice weekend together!!

  4. I might to have just like concerning the items and also I do believe his / her toes have cultivated! This individual technically dons a more impressive boot as compared to myself, and also he has not 10 but!!! The particular bunny rabbits have been inside the farmville farm retailer thus Tate surely could notice these hopping about inside their trash can. What a distinct signal Early spring will be about it really is approach! We all received residence merely with time regarding showers and also bed.
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  5. Whew. You were on the go this weekend!! I can't wait until Marcus and Julia are in activities. Growing up I loved weekends that were spent playing in different tournaments.
    YAY for Tate getting to spend a little time at your sister's daycare. He's going to LOVE playing with the kiddos. And don't you worry about filling up 2 hours! I thought the same thing about Marcus being in preschool for 3 hours, 4 days a week. But dang, I drop him off, get one (maybe two) errands run, and it seems like I'm turning right back around to go get him. Funny how those few hours just seem to fly by. :)