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Influenza B–Friend or Foe?

Hey there!  Sorry for the late post, I have a sick boy. Aiden came down with a fever of 100.4 under his arm Saturday after he took a 3 hour nap – his first nap in almost 3 years!  I knew when he fell asleep without complaining that he was getting sick.  Ibuprofen took care of the fever and he acted normal the rest of the night.  Woke up Sunday morning with the same thing, again, meds took care of it.  But last night he started coughing and was super congested, I could see it in his eyes.  So I kept him home from school today and took him to the dr.  He tested positive for Influenza B.  Boo! Hiss! 


Luckily he’s over the worst of it, no fever since yesterday morning, basically now just a nasty cold.  Tamiflu wasn’t going to do anything for him at this point, too far into it, but the rest of us are on it as a preventive measure.  I will probably keep him home from school again tomorrow, just so he can get some more rest and not infect anyone else at school (although it’s down to him and one other kid that hadn’t had it yet).  You wouldn’t know he was sick though…


Our first trip to the park!  What, you don’t take your kids to the park when they’re home sick from school?  Today is gorgeous out!!!  We got about a half inch of rain last night, the grass is greening up already from that and the warmer temps!  I might be mowing by end of next week, woo hoo!


Planted more of our garden last night.  I put in radishes, spinach/lettuce mix, carrots and peas.  I will can the carrots and freeze the peas if they do well.  And honestly, I will probably toss most of the radishes, I can’t eat as many as I grow, they give you a couple hundred seeds in a packet!  I only like to eat one, maybe two, at a meal.  Andy of course doesn’t like them, and forget about super picky Brennan even trying them.  Aiden likes them a little, but he doesn’t consume 200 of them!  As for the spinach/lettuce, I will try to keep up with it for a week or so, then I get tired of messing with it and let it go to seed then pull it. 

The bridal shower we gave for our cousin’s fiance yesterday was a success!  She got a ton of nice, fun gifts!  I didn’t take any pics because I am still without a camera.  I am hoping to get it ordered this week (is that bad to order a nice camera online?  Will it ship here ok w/o damage??).  I made the most amazing, delicious punch and it was super easy!  Just get a can of Pineapple Juice and pour it into an ice cube tray, freeze that.  Then take a half a container of Raspberry Sherbert (so half of a half gallon), put that in your punch bowl with the frozen ice cube and pour a 2L bottle of 7-Up over the top.  Use a potato masher to mash up the sherbert some and there you have it!  The ice cubes melt a bit so you get that pineapple juice kicker without the full on p juice in the punch.  Sooo yummy!  We also had cold veggie pizza, a cold dip with crackers, lemon bars and mini tarts filled with cream cheese filling that we let the guests top with their own mix of fruit – strawberries, blueberries and kiwi.  I’m sorry there are no pictures, things got hectic and I didn’t get a chance to whip out my phone!  Keverly seemed to enjoy herself so I’m glad we could do this for her.  We have another shower we are throwing for my cousin’s fiance on the other side of my family this coming Sunday.  Same gig, different people!

I hung my comforter and quilt out on the line to air out this afternoon, there’s just the right amount of breeze to blow them a little, it looks so nice out there!  I can’t wait snuggle up under them tonight, they’ll smell like heaven!  And speaking of heaven, we saw our first rainbow of the year Saturday evening! 

One last thing, I’m going to be guest posting for Mean Ang on Thursday while she takes a few days to treat herself to a vacation.  I hope you stop by and see me there on Thursday!



  1. Oh no!! You did so much to keep the boys from getting sick!

    Sending non flu vibes your way!

    Getting closer to getting my blog back! Can't wait for your guest post on Mean Ang's page!!

  2. Poor Aiden!! It looks like he had a great sick day though! :) good call on keeping him home again tomorrow! That's thoughtful on your end!
    I can't believe you have a garden!! That so exciting! I need tips! You don't even want to see how bare my yard is!!