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Sorry folks, I’m linking up again today.  I’ll try to stop…for a few days. Wink!

Today I am linking up with Mel over at 4Kottez. She’s the really super cool girl that everyone wants to be friends with but she doesn’t know you exist so you just sit off to the side wishing and praying that someday you could be as cool and awesome as she is.  Seriously, folks, this gal is ADORABLE!  She’s gorgeous, has an amazing family and is super fit (she’s a runner).  She says she’s on a weight loss journey, too, but I think she’s just so darn nice that she says that so others don’t feel bad that they are. 

Ok, so for the link up.  Mel wants to know about tat’s.  Sorry, Mel, I don’t have any!  I don’t really  have any desire to get one, either.  BUT!  If I did get one it’d be small and have some meaning to it.  So IF I did get one it might look like this (photo from Pinterest):


I’d hide it somewhere where most people wouldn’t see it, maybe on my side by my bra line.  Or my hip.  IDK.  And I’d use the boys’ initials or Andy’s and mine…maybe.  Again, IDK, I’d hate to jinx our marriage by tattooing him onto me.  Isn’t that how that works sometimes?

2 of my friends were recently inked for the first time, here are their tat’s:

Amy tattooNic tattoo

The top one is a lily.  This gal has a daughter named Lilly, not sure if that’s why she went with that (would be the obvious reason), I should ask her.  And the bottom one, this guy is recently divorced and on a much better path now.  So he got this tat because he loves the lyric (and song, so do I!!), it means something to him and he chose this area because it would be very painful and if he could get through the pain of his divorce he could get through any pain.  Pretty cool.  And he’s a really cool guy, so any single ladies interested let me know! Ha ha!

How about you gals?  Do any of you have tat’s? Where and what?  What do they mean to you? How old were you when you got them? Would you change anything about them, why?


Thanks, Mel, for the fun link up topic!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!



  1. OMG you made me all blush and shiz. You are so sweet and you crack me up. I love your "if" tattoo - it is super cute and I would do a wrist one if I could. LOL... I seriously am still laughing at you. I adore you Erin.. HUGS. Thanks for linking up too.

  2. New follower from the Let's Talk Tattos link up. I like that 'if' tattoo as well. And I love your blog name!

    1. Welcome! And thanks for the comment and compliment!

  3. I'm loving the "if" tattoo, too. :) I'm loving the lyric tattoo's lately, but I am too much of a pansy to do it again.