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Our Favorite Children’s Books

A week ago I posted about 2 of our favorite Fall books.  Today I want to post about some of our favorite ‘every day’ books.  I chose 16 to talk about, but you should see our book shelves – jam packed full of amazing books!  We love books at our house.  These 16 are the ones we go back to over and over again. 


These first 2 are board books we read over and over and over again when the boys were really little.  Big Red Barn is by the same author as ‘Good Night Moon’, so that should tell you it’s a great story!  And ‘Bear Wants More’, super cute.


‘The Giant Of Seville’ is based on a true story about a ‘giant’ named Martin Van Buren Bates.  I like the illustrations.


This one rhymes, kids love that!


‘Luke Goes To Bat’ was given to us as a baby gift for our first son.  It is such a neat story and has a great message to never give up.


Jamie Lee Curtis writes really neat books, I’ve loved everyone of them we’ve read.  This one I love because it’s all about how awesome Mom is. :)  What Mom wouldn’t love that? It’s like sending subliminal messages to your kids. Hee hee. Sneaky!


‘Aliens Love Underpants’, perfect for silly preschoolers!  Both boys laugh and laugh and laugh when listening to this one.  It’s pretty silly, great for gloomy days when you need a good chuckle.


‘Jumanji’ is a classic, and a Caldecott Medal winner, so you know it’s a good book.  This is definitely for older kids, lots of words compared to pictures. 


This book we got for Aiden for Christmas one year.  He used to love puppies, so we found this book that is a collection of stories in one book.  It follows the same dog through out the book and is just a nice book for littles.  The pictures are ‘soft’, kind of ‘dreamy’.  Not sure if you’ll know what I mean unless you check it out yourself.  It’s calming.  IDK, I just really love it.


‘Owl Moon’, wow.  Such a neat story.  Def a preschool and up aged book.  But another Caldecott Medal winner, so a great story.  It’s really neat.


The Magic Tree House books are great for Kindergarten and up.  They are chapter books with a few black and white pictures scattered throughout, but they are great for introducing your kids to longer books.  Andy would read a chapter a night to Aiden before bedtime.  Basically the kids go to their tree house and go on all kinds of adventures.  It’s a whole series, I think they are up to book #50 or higher at this point.


Any and all Berenstain Bears books are good.  Every single one has a great message and lesson for kids, some on behavior, others on manners, others on friendship.  I loved these as a kid and read my collection of 20 or more to my kids today.  Love them.


Some bozo was selling this amazing book at their garage sale for 25cents!!!  It’s worth WAY more than that.  This is an outstanding book! Aiden loved it from about age 3 on.  He and Andy would read it 3 or more times a night the entire winter he was 3 1/2, he just loved it!  I haven’t pulled it out for Brennan yet, but definitely think he’s ready to enjoy the neat story now too.


“Let It Fall’ is a neat book.  We also have ‘Let It Snow’, we really like that one too.


“Pout-Pout” is a good book about being afraid of the dark and conquering your fears. 


And this last book, it’s a tear jerker.  You can read this to your newborn or your kid going away to college.  It’s just a nice book about how your love will be wherever you child is.  Tear. Sniffle.  Hold on while I go sniff my baby’s blankies.

Ok, friends.  Time to get moving for the day. I’ve done nothing but sit in front of the tv to watch the coverage of Hurricane Sandy.  It’s so devastating!  I hope you are all safe out there!

Heading to Brennie’s preschool this afternoon for their Halloween party. Can’t wait to see all those cuties dressed up!

Have a great one!



  1. I am so glad you did this post. I am ALWAYS looking for new books for my bambinos and I must admit I have NONE of these. That fish one, underwear one, and moon one are right up the kids ally. I will be getting. THANK YOU for doing this - I adore reading to my kids, reading in general and finding new books is great.

  2. Aww I love kids books! And I live near Seville, where the giants lived, there is a museum and everything.