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Breakfast In Bed

I have a funny, cute story to share with you from this past weekend.  We woke up Sunday morning and didn’t have to get out of bed to take Aiden to Sunday School, so we lounged around in bed a little longer than necessary.  I finally decided I should get out of bed and be a good Mommy and make breakfast.  As I was getting ready to throw back the blankets Andy says “No, wait! Stay in bed, I want to bring you breakfast in bed!’  Say what??  Why in the world does he want to do that for the first time ever after 10 years of marriage?  And when did he learn how to cook breakfast?  But, okay, Babe, whatever you want!

Back under the blankets I go.  Hee hee!  He asks me what I want on my toast (ha!!), so I tell him jelly.  5 minutes later he comes in with this:


The sweet man went outside and picked an aster for me!  And he found this tray that I had stashed on the top shelf in a closet that I don’t think I would have thought of using.  And, he didn’t put my jelly on my toast.  Uh, hello?  Where’s my jelly?  “It’s right there, melting.”  Uh, jelly doesn’t melt!  “Oh JEL-ly!  Oh, I thought you wanted that fancy honey-cinnamon butter stuff you made last night.” Silly boy.

So I enjoyed my toast and chocolate milk in bed, then he complained there were toast crumbs in the sheets when we went to bed that night.  SmileHe’s such a sweet guy, he treats me way better than I deserve to be treated.  I sure do that love that guy!  He still makes my heart go pitter pat when I see him.  Red heart

I hope you all have a fantastic day!


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