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If I Could Speak To…

If I could speak to 16 year old me, I’d say:

~ don’t be so stodgy!  Go to a party! Have some fun!  Tell your boyfriend you’re going out with the girls once a weekend, don’t spend every free minute with him!  And don’t worry so much about how people perceive you, just be yourself!

If I could speak to my dear, sweet Grandma who passed away 4 years ago, I’d say:

~ I miss you every day!  I think about you every day!  I know you are happy in heaven with Grandpa and Baby Rickey but I want you here with me!  You were one of the most important, special and influential people in my life and I will always be grateful that I had you as long as I did.

If I could speak to all politicians, I’d say:

~ Stop with the mud slinging!  You are only turning people off of politics!  Stop being such babies, put your personal feelings aside and look at this problem in black and white.  You have to give some to gain some, so do it! 

If I could speak to the county residents, I’d say:

~ My husband (the county engineer) is not a bad guy!  He has a very, very small budget and he is trying his hardest to spread it out over all areas.  Your bridge has to close and you’re mad?  Get over it!  Do you think he wanted to inconvenience you? NO!!!  Do you think he did it for laughs? NO!!! Grow up, think about the big picture!  Oh, you pay taxes?  Who doesn’t?  Do you think that the $5 of your taxes that goes to the road budget is enough to build you a new bridge? Put new gravel down in front of your farm? Work miracles?  Wrong!!  So wrong!  Again, grow up and look at this thing from the other side. 

If I could speak to the girls who bullied me in 5th grade, I’d say:

~ You have altered my life.  You have caused me to have social anxiety, and because of that have caused me to stay home from public functions, going out with new friends, being relaxed and laid back in big crowds and most of all you have made me feel like I have no self-worth.  You have taken away so much from me.  It was so long ago but the effects have stayed with me all of these years. 

If I could speak to all who read my blog, I’d say:

~THANK YOU!  I love the comments! I love that I have met new people from all over the country.  I get such a thrill when I see I have a new comment in my in-box.  You gals rock!



  1. Awww - great post:) I adore you.

  2. A couple of those I totally relate to! Especially your last one, I feel the same exact way! It's nice to have this little support network of women :D

  3. Aww Erin, I loved this. I wish you wouldn't let those 5th grade bullies still affect you. I held on to some issues for awhile, too. Then I saw them all on facebook and they are such losers, so I got the last laugh. I hope you can, too! :)

    Happy Friday, friend!