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What's Up Wednesday || April '16 Edition

Somehow it's already the last Wednesday of the month so I'm linking up with these gals again for 'What's Up Wednesday'.  

What we're eating this week
Some of our favorite fruits are back in season which means lower prices at the grocery store so I stocked up on strawberries and raspberries.  It won't be long and we'll be outside picking those same berries right from our own patches!  The strawberries already are covered in blossoms and the raspberry bushes are greening up and growing fast!  So fun to watch Tate gorging himself at the bushes!

What I'm reminiscing about
Sadly, breastfeeding.  Yesterday I found 3 bags of frozen breastmilk still in the deep freeze so I thawed them out and fed them to Tenley in 2 bottles.  When she started drinking the first bottle it was like she realized she'd been missing that flavor and just sucked it down almost in a panic.  I told Andy it would be like me with a Mt Dew if I hadn't had one in a long time.  Oh the poor little Lou, it totally broke my heart that maybe she could have been craving that taste this whole time.  Sniff sniff  In reality she was probably just really hungry but that was where my mind took me.

What I'm loving
My new coconut oil.  A couple years ago I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a container of coconut oil at the store.  I mostly used it for conditioning my hair but it was such a pain to plan for it to be on for a few hours that I didn't do it very often.  I used it for other odds and ends here and there but finally decided it wasn't a very good quality oil and pitched it.  Last week I decided to get some good stuff.  As I sauntered up to the selection in the store I saw a man standing there inspecting them, too.  He turned out to be a wealth of knowledge and helped me pick the one I eventually went with.  I started using it that night to remove my makeup and noticed right away that it actually *smelled* like coconut - novel idea! I am already much happier with this brand.  I also used it on Tate's cheeks when they got a little too much sun last weekend - took the red right out!  I'm anxious to try it in my hair.

What we've been up to
We've been trying to prepare for the 4H sheep's arrival.  We've built fence, Aiden's picked out 2 from my parent's and he's going to show one from his 4H leader.  We still need to purchase another halter, some buckets and the feed and there's a spot in the existing fence that needs fixed.  Less than 2 weeks until weigh-in, which is the day we get the little buggers.  I'm nervously excited, if that's an emotion. :)

What I'm dreading
Tackle football.  That starts this Fall for Aiden and I am super nervous about it!  I just pray that it all goes fine and isn't as big and bad as I'm afraid it will be.

What I'm working on
This should be "what I'm *supposed to be* working on.  I should be downstairs packing up all my scrapbooking supplies and all the toys so we can start demo-ing the living room.  Even though we haven't finished the bathroom we are going to start demo on the main living area down there so we can haul the ceiling tiles and track out to the curb for Spring clean up next month.  It doesn't sound like any fun to me right now which is why I'm dragging my feet.

What I'm excited about
I'm excited to get my hair colored next week.  My super talented friend does a technique called Balyage, which is like a free style hair painting technique.  It lasts longer than foils because there isn't such a hard grow out line.  I'm so excited!

What I'm watching/reading
I have downloaded a ton of books to my Kindle over the last few months, purchased a hard copy of  'Raising a Princess' but have yet to crack any of them.  I did just finish my May Cosmo magazine with June's already here staring me in the face.  When I get a few minutes to read I usually catch up on reading blogs or Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat (follow me!!! erinmcguire81)  As for what I'm watching, Deadliest Catch, Southern Charm and that new Motherhood something or other show on  Bravo and The Catch on ABC.  Most of the shows on Bravo are great for walking on the treadmill to.  Mindless entertainment.  :)

What I'm listening to
Please don't judge me but I love listening to Bill Burr's podcasts!  OMG, that man is a RIOT!!!  So dang inappropriate which is why I think he's hilarious!  If you aren't easily offended then go to and listen to his Monday Morning Podcasts.  You'll be rolling with laughter.  And also check out his specials on Netflix - he's a stand up comic, and a darn funny one!

What I'm wearing
My new shirts from Target!  Now I'm looking for some skinny capris and possible some white skinny capris - yikes!  That just seems dangerous for me, ha ha! I'd also love to get some wedges.  Looks like I need another shopping trip!

What I'm doing this weekend
BRUNCH!!!!  Yay, so excited for brunch with my friends!

What I'm looking forward to next month
May is a huge month - we have 2 high school graduation parties, our niece's 16th birthday party, my nephew's 5th grade graduation and party, both boy's school field trips, Mother's Day, Mother's Day Makeovers in Brennie's class, end of school activities, Aiden's baseball games and my favorite of all - our wedding anniversary!  We'll be celebrating 14 happy years of marriage (and 19 years since we started dating!)!!!  May's a great month!

What else is new
I'm going to a couple of greenhouses today with my sweet friend, Amy.  I'm so excited to finally get my hanging baskets and plants to fill my planters!  I hope I find what I'm looking for!

Have a great day!


  1. I have a "supposed to be working on" list I love coconut oils. We use them in baby wipes, diaper creams, conditioner, tooth whitener, cooking... the list goes on.

  2. Is there anything coconut oil can't do or fix?!?!

    Southern favorite mindless entertainment!

  3. We've been stocking up and blowing through strawberries like crazy!!
    Tell me more about this coconut oil you speak of. I've never used it for anything, but I'm super intrigued.
    YAY for brunch!! I need something like that in my life.

  4. This all sounds fabulous . . . spring has sprung! I'm excited to hear more about the sheep - I kinda want to say "sheeps" since there are 2 but I won't! I think I'm caught up on your blogs . . . took me long enough! Now to catch up on writing my own!