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A Day in the Life || Tate

I've been meaning to follow Tate around with the camera for a day to capture what his days are like at this age.  Every day for about 2 weeks I'd look at the clock around 10:00 in the morning and think 'shoot! I forgot again!'  Finally, Friday morning I remembered!

Here's a look at a day in the life of Tate, age 2 years 2 months old.

6:38 a.m. - Tate comes stumbling into the living room dragging his best blankies and Raff (stuffed giraffe).  This would be considered sleeping in for Tate!  "Good morning, Tatie Tot!"

6:41 - First of many snuggles with Tenley for the day.  Then he goes to the basement door and cries because he can't go downstairs to see the boys. Sigh, such a tough start to the day for the boy.

6:50 - Daddy helps get Tate dressed for the day.

7:02 BREAKFAST!  Lately Tate has not been a good breakfast eater, and this day was no different.  He had an egg and bacon toaster strudel like his big brothers and all he did was pick out the insides.  At least he got the eggs, right? :)  While eating Tate talked to me about many things, including rabbits in the yard, my wedding ring Daddy gave me, he 'counted' my freckles on my arm, he held my hand and, like he does so often, asked about Papa and his 'heep' (sheep).

7:30 - At long last he is done with his breakfast, although he didn't finish it, again.

7:48 - Ut oh, Tate did something naughty and had to sit in time out.  No coloring on the walls with a pencil, Tate!  Thank goodness this is not a typical daily activity!

8:07 -  Shoes on and out the door to take the big brothers to school.

8:15 - Boys are dropped off so now we head to town for an errand.

8:52 - Tate was a big help at Dollar General, he held the cards I picked out and made room for the big package of toilet paper we were buying.

9:45 - Back home, reading books and playing.

10:42 - "What's that noise?" he asks.  It's the neighbor mowing!  Time to watch that for a little while.

10:53 - More reading! I love how much Tate loves to read books.  If he beats me out to the living room in the mornings I always find him sitting on the couch with a pile of his books.

11:03 - "I'm hiding!" Tate likes setting up the Imaginext sets to play inside them.  Lately he's been into hiding, either himself or his toys, so he thought by standing beside the chair he was hiding this morning.  We round out the morning with puzzle time - this boy loves putting his puzzles together!  He's going to love building puzzles as much as I do!

11:52 - Lunch time!  Shaved turkey, a cheese stick cut up, mangoes, applesauce and milk ... yum!

12:45 - I read Tate a few stories from his book and then it's nap time.  This is one of my favorite times of the day - I love getting Tate all tucked in to his bed and reading him a book or two.  Then he gives me big squeezes around the neck and a kiss good night.

3:30 - That was a good nap!  Pretty typical for Tate, anywhere from a 2-3 hour nap every day.  And of course, he had to say hello to Tenley right away!

3:45 - Snack time: golfish crackers and a cold cup of water.

4:00 - Finally, time to get outside and play!  Tate loves swinging on the swing on his belly - wee! He is an outdoors-y little man for sure, he absolutely LOVES to be outside!

6:05 - Eating again!  It's suppertime - even though Tate is a slow eater he usually finishes all of his supper.  He is 100% a carnivore, took down his chicken like a boss!

6:38 - Time to hang out and play, practice cool tricks on the chair, and unwind from our busy day being a toddler.  Tate asked for 'dooce' (juice) and I said no, he could have water, which in turn caused a 2 year old tantrum.  It's not all sunshine and happiness here but it's real life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

 7:55 - We head back to his bedroom, but before getting tucked into bed we brush teeth.  Then it's a bedtime story, get all the covers in just the right places and finally, Night night!  Love you, Tate!  "Dub you" he says back.  :)

After this I head back out to the living room to relax and think back over our day and how lucky I feel to have Tate as my one and only Tot.  That was a Day in the Life of Tate!


  1. Love it! He reminds me so much of Oliver.

  2. Tate is such a good big brother, doting on Lou throughout the day.
    I wish I could get Marcus to eat as well as Tate.
    No day would be complete without a tantrum!

  3. What a sweet post . . . you will just cherish these memories as he gets to be older. Time flies and you blink and have teenagers! Such a little cutie!