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Show and Tell Tuesday: Talk Show Edition

I'm a couple days late in linking up with Momfessionals but this topic was too fun to pass up.  If I had a talk show what would it be like?

First of all, I definitely have an annual 'giveaway day'.  It'd be a lot more like Oprah's than Ellen's.  Ellen gives away big ticket items, like new TV's and fancy cameras but if you're like me you don't need a new TV or camera generally, so as nice as it is to be given a giant 60" TV I'd much rather go to a show and be given a bunch of smaller, more unique items.  For instance, my favorite bottle of wine.  A new Erin Condren planner.  Fancy lotions and potions.  I'd throw in a big gift card to a couple of my favorite stores, plus a ton of other things so everyone goes home with a passel of gifts, not just 4 or 5.  "YOU get a planner and YOU get a planner and YOU get a planner!"

I'd start my show off with a friendly guest or two to gab and gossip and catch up on the day's news/entertainment stories/etc.  After that I'd welcome some famous people to talk about their latest projects.  And we'd finish every show with either a musical guest or a comedian.

There would be days where we'd have fashion segments.  I'd love to do 'the latest hairstyle' segments so an amazing hair stylist could demonstrate the latest trends.  We'd talk makeup and nail's.  I love Kathie Lee and Hoda's Ambush Makeover segment so we'd definitely do something similar!

I'm sure we'd have home improvement segments with before and after's.  And we'd have a big budget so we could surprise someone who is struggling by fixing up a part of their house - maybe give their kitchen a face lift complete with new appliances, or transform a drab mudroom into something useful and functional, or clean up and replant their flower beds and landscaping while freshening up the paint and roof.

I think it'd be so much fun hosting a talk show!  Maybe I'd have guest co-hosts every day, always someone new to keep things fresh!  Would you watch my show?


  1. When I make it big blogging can I be on your talk show...lmao ;-)

  2. I would totally watch your show!

  3. So, when you make it big and have your giveaway day please don't forget me. ;)