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Soccer 2016

The boys had another successful soccer season!

Aiden moved up to 4-6 grade level which was a lot of fun to watch.  They have positions, there are more rules to follow, it's much tougher to get a goal.  Aiden scored 2 goals this season which is pretty darn good at this level! His team, the Bombers, were a lot of fun to watch!

Brennan was one of 'the big kids' on his team this year.  He was on a K-1 team called Big Blue.  Andy coached his team this year and had a lot of fun doing it. They had an awesome season, smoked every team.  All but one game they got at least 12 goals in a game - wow!!  Brennan was kicking up to 6 goals in a game!  He had a ton of fun.  It was fun to see him so confident out there this year.  The team did a great job passing the ball to each other, they have talent!  2 of Bren's best buddies were on his team - Chase and Ayden.  At this age they are still pretty much a swarm out there, they play 5 on 5 (1 of those being the goalie).

With soccer being over we move on to baseball!


  1. I never played soccer and Carter didn't really care for it, as in never ran just stood there. He said he wanted to play when he got older and it got easier... haha. Nope! But we do play baseball and our first game is this Saturday. I am pretty excited.

  2. You have some serious soccer players on your hands!!
    We're really considering signing Marcus up to play this fall. I think it would be so fun (and hilarious) to watch all those little kids swarm the ball.

  3. We still have soccer up until the end of the month. Then on to baseball for us.