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Friday Favorites

Happy Fri-Yay friends!  So happy to have  made it - its been one of those weeks...

I have one FAVORITE to share this week but it's a good one.  Are you watching the new drama on ABC called 'The Catch'??? I mentioned it Wednesday but it is THAT GOOD that I am making it my one FAVORITE this week!

The flow of the show is so great.  I love how they flashback and those flashbacks are like clues for the main character.  

I love the 70's vibe they have given the character's style.  OMG, last night she looked like a modern day go-go dancer! Swoon!  The makeup, the hair, the clothes - it's all on point!

The 'bad guy' - holy hotness!  I think I recognize him from 'Parenthood', am I right?  I haven't watched that series yet (in my Netflix queue still) but I think that's the commercials I recognize him from.  Or was it something else?  Either way, HAWT! :)

It's not too late to hop onto 'The Catch' bandwagon!  Only 2 episodes in, you can log in to ABC and catch up before next Thursday -- you won't be disappointed!

Plans for our weekend: first soccer games tomorrow and starting the birthday celebrations for my mom's 60th birthday with cake and ice cream Sunday afternoon.  See you back here next week!

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  1. The Catch sounds good! I just need 5 more hours in a day to watch, read, do all the things I want.
    Have a good weekend. Sounds like you have a lot of fun on tap!