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Weekend Rewind

Hey hey! Can you believe this is the last week of April?  I am stunned, I just can't believe it!  Over the past week the leaves on the trees have burst out of their buds and it is SO nice to look out my window at all the green trees instead of stick trees.  Such a nice change of pace!  It almost looks like summer out there!

As always (it seems) we had another busy weekend.  Saturday morning we were all up bright and early splitting the family up and going in separate directions.  Andy and Aiden headed to town for a required 4H meeting on FSQA (Food Safety and Quality Assurance).  If you are showing any marketable animals that could end up in the food supply (for us that's sheep!) than you are required to take this workshop.  It teaches the kids all kinds of things about ethics, do's and don'ts of raising your animals, etc.  Andy went along since it was Aiden's first year and he said he even learned quite a bit.  That went from 8 to noon.

Meanwhile. the rest of us (Brennan, Tate, Tenley and I) met my mom and headed to the big city for some shopping.  I've been pregnant for major parts of the last four years and not only does my body show it (yikes!), so does my closet!  I'd finally had it and so to the stores we went.  We started at Target and I hit the jackpot!  I narrowed my pile of 11 shirts that I tried on down to 5, woo hoo!  Me finding 5 shirts is 'pert near' a miracle (Midwest lingo for you!).  2 are casual, 2 are nicer for wearing out and 1 was a flowy tank top for working out or wearing out in the yard this hot summer.  We buzzed around the store for a few more essentials then headed out into the mall.  We were about 10 minutes early for the stores to open so we let the kids play in the play area.  *Side note.  I have never, EVER, let my kids play in there before.  It's always freaked me out with all the germs and craziness of a million kids running around there.  But Grandma suggested it and of course Brennan and Tate were all for it so that's what we did.  It was cleaner than I expected and because it was before the mall stores were open it was pretty quiet.  Hallelujah. *

While the kids played Mom and I each took a turn going to a store to shop.  I headed to Old Navy for some jeans for  Tate.  I was able to pick him up a shirt for his 2 year pics next month so was pretty happy about that.

Following the mall we headed to Kohls and, shocker!,  neither Mom or I found a thing to buy there!!! Well, let me rephrase that.  I didn't find anything to buy for ME.  I could have bought out half the baby girl's section but I held myself back and didn't buy sweet little Lou a thing.  Poor girl! :)  We left Kohls and stopped at McDonalds for a quick lunch before heading back home.  Even though it was a short shopping trip it was a successful one!

The rest of the afternoon we spent messing around the house then church that evening.

Sunday we went out to my parent's farm so Aiden could pick out his fair sheep!  That kid always surprises me - he was in the middle of the sheep pen and they were all running around him like crazy and he wasn't phased one bit!  I always get just a little nervous in that situation but not Aiden, he was cool as a cucumber!  He picked out 2 sheep and we'll get them in 2 weeks.  That's going to be an adventure in itself!  We waited for the boys to all take turns going for a 4 wheeler ride with Papa then left to head home.

This picture of Tenley and the lamb cracks me up - they are both just hanging there with the same look on their faces! :)

Tenley loves her grandma!

That afternoon my Great Aunt Joan (pronounced Joanne) had a hen party at her house.  It's just an excuse for all of us Marie Women to get together to catch up.  It was a smaller group but still so much fun.  The bad part was that I was losing my voice so talking was quite the challenge.  Tenley and I had a great time, though, and it as fun watching Tenley and Quinn interacting.  They are only 11 days apart in age, Quinn was born first and was a 10 pound baby if I remember correctly!  Such a sweet cute baby but I couldn't hold her for fear of giving her my cold.  I was able to get some really sweet pictures of them together. Tenley really loved looking at Quinn and cooing to her. :)  I might have added some pics to my Snapchat story, follow me!  erinmcguire81  Someone help me figure out what cousins and how removed Quinn and Tenley are.  Their grandma's are first cousins.  If you can tell me leave me a comment - I've never been good at all that twice removed business.  I just call them all cousins. :)

The party included lots of gabbing and some really good food!  After we were all done stuffing our faces we drove down the road to my mom's cousin's new house that they built and moved into in February.  It was beautiful but my favorite part was the amazing view of cattle pastures and timber!  My dream!

Tenley and I got home around 4 then went outside to play with the boys and Andy.  It was a great way to end the weekend.

Up this week: our last soccer games of the season!  It's gone by fast.  Both boys play Wednesday night and Brennan's final game is Saturday morning.  Up next, BASEBALL!!!

Have a great week!


  1. OMG you used "pert near" I died. I only hear the older folks say that. I am going to start using it....lmao. I never find anything at Kohls either but for the kids all the time. As far as the cousins thing... they are cousins and that is all they need to know. I have 3rd cousins twice removed stuff in my family but we are all so close that we just call them cousins. Happy Monday!!!

  2. Pert near - sounds like home!! Don't you just love target?! I found the cutest boyfriend jeans there a few weeks ago. I need to check out their tops!

    Sheep!! Every summer growing up I helped my best friend with her fair sheep. It was the best! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. And Lou with that sheep. Ha! Adorable.

  3. Aw pert near...sounds like home!!!

    Love Target tops!