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County Fair 2015 Recap - Part 2

Wednesday at the fair was another busy day for us.

We arrived at the fairgrounds at 3:26 - 4 minutes for Andy and the boys to rush over to where they were hosting the pedal tractor pull so they could sign up and 4 minutes for me and Tate to rush over to the show ring to watch my cousin's son show his bucket bottle calf.  When I arrived at the show ring I was told Garrett wouldn't show for a little bit yet so I left Tate with  my mom and rushed over to the pedal pull area to watch the boys.  There were a TON of kids signing up, which I then realized meant Aiden was going to be late for his rabbit mentoring at 4:00.  I ran back to see if Garrett was up yet, which he wasn't, then rushed back to the rabbit barn to find Aiden's mentor and let her know that he'd be late but still coming.  Then over to the pedal pull, where I watched Aiden pedal with all of his might at 4:23.  He hopped off, grabbed his participation ribbon and we ran over to the rabbit barn for him to work with the rabbit for 5 minutes before the Clover Kids Rabbit show began at 4:30.  Phew, I was exhausted!!!  And the night was just beginning!!!

After the rabbit show we ran back over to the show ring to watch Garrett.  This was his first year and he did so great!  I told him to make sure to smile, that the judges love it when the kids are having fun! Check this picture out!

I love that smile!

And this THIS happened -- he won overall Grand Champion Bucket Bottle Calf!!!  Holy smokes, our whole family was ecstatic!  Talk about big smiles and beaming faces!  We were all so dang proud of that kid!  Oh wow, that was a feeling I won't ever forget, and he's not even my kid! :)

Here he is being interviewed by the paper - how cute is that?!?

The champions!

So happy we were a part of this!

After all of that excitement we took a walk through the animal barns to calm down before we grabbed something to eat for supper (ahem, sloppy joe dinner!).  Finally it was time for Aiden to say goodbye to Clover Kids and hello to 4-H!

All of the Clover Kids who are moving on get together for a Clover Kids graduation ceremony. They each get introduced then get to tell what their favorite part of CK was.  Aiden's answer was showing animals at the fair.

A shot of my new 4-H'er, complete with his Clover Kids diploma in hand!

The evening entertainment Wednesday night was the talent show and a Christian Rock concert by Josh Wilson.  We didn't sit and watch either of those, instead walked through the 4-H building with all of the projects.  We have some talented kids in our area!

Thursday and Friday were much more relaxing for us - no shows or contests for us to do.  Thursday night we went for supper and to see the animals, again. Tate and his mooing at the cows, hilarious! We sat in the stands and watched the motocross event Thursday night, had fun cheering on one of Aiden's classmates.  After awhile Tate got antsy so we went to the corn pit to play.  He saw Garrett laying down in the corn (he was trying to get buried) so Tate started laying in the corn, too.  Looks comfy to me!

 And Friday we went just for the demo derby, which I mentioned Monday.

It was such a great fair, again, this year!  Our fair board and volunteers really know how to put on a good time for everyone!  Next year will be a tad crazier since Aiden will be more involved, and we'll have a 8 month old baby girl to contend with. :)

Up next, the Iowa State Fair!

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  1. Congrats to Garrett... it was the smile that helped him win, hands down. If I didn't love my fair so much I would have to head down to yours.... to bad they are during the same weeks. I think I would have fun at yours too. I love fairs and picnics though.

  2. Oh my gosh, your first part of the evening - PHEW! I was tired just reading through it. Sounds like you were all over those fairground in the first few minutes. HA!

    The Iowa State Fair - only one of my most favorite things about home. We went last year with Marcus, and I'm SO BUMMED we can't be back this summer to go again. It's seriously the best fair, ever. I hope you have THE BEST time!!! Eat a turkey leg and something fried for me. :)