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Time To Organize

I think for the most part you could say I'm organized.  I like things just so, I keep all of my paperwork filed and I try to put things back in the spot I took them from.  But add kids into the mix and all of that gets a big ol' wrench thrown in.

I have organized, decluttered and arranged my pantry and linen closet a few different times since we moved here 4 years ago.  When I am putting groceries or the clean laundry away things stay nice and neat.  But now that I have 2 big boys who can help things are tossed in haphazardly and they become a big mess rather quickly.  I'd rather have the mess than not have the boys help but it sure would be nice if they did it in an organized fashion, ha ha!

Last week we had electricians here wiring the basement.  I hate being here when contractors are, I just feel weird and like I have to keep busy the entire time.  What a better day than to clean out and reorganize my pantry and linen closet?

I started in the morning with the linen closet.  The boys were all playing together so I started unloading the closet.  As I unloaded each shelf I made a decision to either donate, pitch, keep in the closet or move to the boy's new linen closet in the basement (when that gets done).  Then I wiped down the shelf, dried it and refolded the towels, washcloths and sheets as I put them back in.  Everything is now organized and put away orderly, just like I like it!



That afternoon I started on the pantry.  Can I say, I was so disappointed it only took me 20 minutes!  Ha ha, I was hoping it'd take up an hour of my time so those electricians thought I was a really busy gal! :)

Same thing - took everything off a shelf, washed and dried it, then put it all back in an orderly fashion.



Aww, feels so good when I open these two doors and everything is neat, in it's place and clean!  Now to get the boys to keep it that way - yea right! :)

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  1. I spy nesting in action!
    There is so much organizing I'd like to do before the little lady arrives, I'm just not sure when I can get it all done. These days naps sound so much more appealing than anything.

  2. Are we nesting??? You seem to be in full on nesting mode!!! I am jealous. I need to do some organizing.