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Weekend Rewind

Weekend? What weekend?!?  We have been so busy lately and packing our weekends full that it doesn't even feel like we have weekends anymore.  I'm exhausted, can't wait for a weekend that we have nothing to do but lay around watching football and snoozing.

*Speaking of football, the NFL Hall of Fame game is in less than 2 weeks! Woot woot, football!!!*

So like I said, busy busy around here.

Friday night was the last night at the county fair (which I will be recapping this week).  We left Tate and Brennan with my mother in law and headed to the fairgrounds to watch the Demo Derby.  Ever been to one?  It's totally redneck entertainment, love it!  People fix up old beater cars then take them to the derby to get put into a 'pen' with the other cars, then they just beat up on each other till the last car is standing.  FUN!!!

Saturday we all slept in past 7:00, it was heavenly!  No, that's not very late but it's better than 6:00, so I'll take it!  We buzzed around here all morning doing odds and ends,  like finishing filling the window wells with rock.  It was so stinking hot and humid that morning, I did more sitting and watching Andy load and haul the rock then actually helping. Sorry, Bud! :)  Then we all got showered up, I packed Tate's overnight bag and off we went to drop him at my folk's house so Andy, the big boys and I could head to the big big city for some fun.

First up, Target for back to school shopping!  I love love LOVED back to school shopping as a kid so always get excited to do it with the boys.  It's a little (a lot) more condensed with the boys - we just get school supplies.  I handle buying clothes for them myself.  It's different with boys, am I right?  So we got the boys all loaded up with supplies and new backpacks and headed off for supper.

We went to one of our favorite pizza joints from when we lived up there and it didn't disappoint.  They have 3 different types of crust and the one we get is the Detroit.  There isn't a 'crust' per say, so the cheese goes all the way to edge. When it bakes it carmelizes and holy smokes is it good!  We get the Mombo Combo, which is pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, green pepper, onion and black olive (hold the onion and black olive).  Soooo good!

Doesn't that look amazing? Because it was, ha ha!

We stuffed ourselves silly then headed over to the ballpark to watch the Kernels play.  Andy's brother got us 4 tickets for free from his company, which was so nice.  We had a lot of fun sitting basically right on the field, just off to the left side of home plate.  The Kernels won 3-0 against the Beloit Snappers.

Family selfie!

The view from our seats.

A couple innings in Bren and I went up to the concourse to grab some drinks and popcorn. I love that Andy and the guy behind him in blue are the only ones in the picture that look good, ha ha!

One more picture with the lights on before we left.

We left the game during the 7th inning stretch - we were all wiped out from our busy week at the fair and were ready for bed.  An hour drive home then we all crashed.

Sunday morning, since Tate wasn't here, I was able to lay in bed until 8 O'CLOCK!!!  Awww, felt so good.  I didn't sleep that late but still, not having to hurry up and get out of bed to get Tate was a nice change.  I baked some cinnamon rolls for breakfast then we all cleaned up the house until my parent's arrived with Tate.  He was so happy to see all of us! I got a huge hug, and then he got down and started chasing after the big boys.  He sure does love his big brothers! :)

We loaded up the crew and headed in to town for a WalMart run, then grabbed some KFC to eat in the park before coming back home.  Once home, Andy FINALLY finished the drywall! He had it all hung Thursday and Sunday he worked on getting the corner bead hung. All done!!!  Now to wait for the pro's to come do the taping and mudding.  Can't wait to get that done, then we'll paint!  We're on the downhill slide now!

While Andy worked on that the boys and I went outside and filled up Tate's baby pool.  They all had so much fun in that tiny little pool!

Then Tate got out of the pool and started chasing an ant around the driveway! Bah ha ha!  Silly boy!

Finally Tate was ready for a nap.  That gave me a chance to come inside to fold 3 loads of laundry and make a batch of The Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake for a family get together that night. We all got showered up, woke up the Tater at 5:00 and headed over to Andy's aunt's house for supper.  We had a nice time chatting and catching up with his family, then home we came.  I had a few things to get done before calling it a night so didn't get to bed early like I was hoping for.  Maybe tonight? :)

I hope you all had a great, fun weekend!


Starting next week I am joining two other bloggers to start a weekly link up for all of our weekend rewind posts.  I hope you'll join us in linking up!  We're all blogging about our weekends anyway, why not link them up so we can find some new blogs to start following?  So, that's starting NEXT MONDAY.  See you there!

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  1. I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend!
    We have demo derbys in my home town, but I've never been. My brother used to go all the time and said they were awesome.
    Back to school shopping - yessss! I always loved going to the city with my mom to get all the fun new clothes and supplies. However, I'm certain my brother didn't share my enthusiasm at all (which is why he always stayed home and mom just picked out his stuff - ha)!
    That game looks like a great time. And that big tub of popcorn - I'll take two of those please. :)

  2. Oh yay!!! A weekend link up! Can't wait!

    I super puffy heart love your sunglasses!

    That popcorn and pizza looks delish! Yummo!

  3. Our fairs derby was Friday night too. I wished I would have left the boys with someone, I had to miss the last heat.

    I am a linky host lady on that weekend link up too... I can't wait.