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Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday morning!

Another busy weekend around these parts.  Last night Andy said "It doesn't even seem like we had a weekend."

Saturday morning we all headed to town to meet my folks at the grocery store where they took Brennan home with them for the weekend.  At the end of May I asked the boys what they wanted to do this summer. Brennan's first answer was "stay the night at Papa and Mama's all by myself."  Done! I called up my mom and we picked a weekend.  Of course he had to take his farming clothes and muck boots, they were going to put him to work!  Bren told my mom that he wanted to help Papa work on the farm so he was super pumped to be out there helping them out.  They brought him back home yesterday afternoon when they came for Aiden's birthday party, I could tell they had worn him out!  He was so happy to be home with all of us again but you could just tell he had himself a great time! Who doesn't love getting 100% of the attention from their grandparents all weekend long?

While Bren was gone, the rest of us made yet another trip to Menards for basement remodel supplies. This time we got the heated floor mat that will go under the tile in the bathroom, insulation and a few odds and ends.  We grabbed some treats at the gas station before heading back home.  Once home, we worked in the yard - mowing, trimming, tilling the garden, cutting a few trees out of the bushes, etc.  We got all cleaned up, headed in to town for church, then came home for the evening.  It was a busy day, I slept good that night!

Sunday we cleaned the house for Aiden's party and I worked on the food.  I love having snacks and appetizers for the food instead of a sit down meal, but wow - it's still a lot of work!  I'll dedicate a whole post to Aiden's party on Tuesday, his 9th birthday!  Stay tuned for that.

To end our weekend, after Aiden's party we all headed over to the ballfield for Bren's last game of the season.  He rocked it, again!  He had awesome hits, tagged quite a few kids out and even caught a pop fly!  He was so proud, loved seeing that pride on his face!  He absolutely loves baseball, I think he's bummed it's over for the year!

This little daredevil!  He's going to give me gray hairs! At one point he had both toes stuck in the fence and was completely off the ground!

Since everyone was here for Aiden's party most of them came over to watch Bren's game.  My niece and nephew, caught them in a funny/serious look. :)

After the game we came home, picked up the mess, Andy took the trash and recycling to the curb and then we relaxed for the next 20 minutes until it was time for the boys to head to bed.  They needed a normal bedtime after the busy weekend we had!

Ready for a new week! Going to be a short one - Andy gets Friday off for the 4th of July, hoping to get some insulation hung in the basement since the electricians are coming tomorrow!  Finally moving along again!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Cant' wait to see more from the party as those little worms in dirt are super cute!

  2. Some of my FAVORITE memories from growing up were when I got to spend a few days on my grandparents farm - just me (I have 16 cousins, so when we all were at grandma and grandpa's getting one-on-one time was hard). Bren is going to cherish these memories when he's old.

    Worms in dirt cups?! YUM!! While I'm not much for chocolate pudding, there is just something about that treat that is the best.

    And it sounds like Aiden is a rock star on the ball field! Tagging kids, catching pop flies?! Super start status. :)

  3. Lukas and Tate would be big buds. Lukas climbs all over everything. And the fence at the field. Makes me panic. If the ball hit the fence or a bat. ugh. I don't know how you have done it with 3 boys. Lukas is constantly into something. Making me a nervous wreck always.