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Tate Lately - 16 Months

Mr Tate, you silly little guy, you!!!

I love this picture because it shows just how proud you are when you climb up into the chair.  You figured out how to do this last month by using the lever on the side to step up on first, then you'd heave yourself over the side of the chair.  Now you can climb up in there from the front like a super big boy!

You throw toys up in the chair, or your 'ba' and snuggle blankie, then climb up behind them.  You never stay there long, maybe a minute or so, but the joy it brings you is contagious!

At your 15 month check up last month you weighed in at 28 lbs!  You have slowed down the rate you are gaining weight and are now making your way back onto the charts.

I swear you have really shot up this last month.  All of a sudden you are TALL!  32 1/2 inches is where you measured in at your 15 month check, but that's only the 91st percentile, which means you aren't the tallest any more.  But when I lay you in your crib it looks like you only have about a foot of room left in there.  Daddy and I come in to whisper sweet nothings to you when we go to bed at night and we marvel at how BIG you are!

Speaking of being a big boy, we got the bikes out for you this week.  You thought you were pretty big stuff riding them around the driveway!  Of course, you can't reach the pedals...yet...but your chubby little legs do the trick to move you around where you need to go. That or the big brothers, they'll push you all day if you ask them to!  The big smiles in the pictures say it all!

You are a boy through and through.  You love balls of all shapes and sizes.  Nothing seems to scare you.  You don't mind getting dirty.  You want to be outside ALL.THE.TIME.  You eat like a horse, sometimes eating more than big brother Brennie does!  Your favorite snack right now is raisins.  You have mastered drinking from a straw but keep forgetting the cup has to stay down, not be tipped up like your sippy cups do.  You really like Squeezables with applesauce in them because you do it yourself. And speaking of doing it yourself, you hate to be fed, you want to do it all by yourself!  You are figuring out how to use a fork and spoon.  You have 10 teeth with your 2 bottom molars about to poke through any day now.  You aren't saying too many words but the ones we can really understand are ball and bah (for your cup).  You said 'bay-bee' clear as day just yesterday!  You let us know 'no' with a vigorous shake of your head.  And if you want up you lift those sweet chubby arms up to me and make a tiny whimper sound.  You 'count' to three when you are gearing up to run or jump by making sweet little sounds (beh da dee!).

Tractors and trucks are your favorite toys right now.  I love watching you lay flat on your tummy and make the motor sounds as you push them around.

You love going to the boys' baseball games... until I make you sit with me and Daddy.  We are ok with you walking around right in front of us but when you get brave and start to wander off it's time to strap you into your stroller, which you now hate.  Raisins have become our best friends at these games to keep you happy and in one place.

As much as you hate being strapped down in the stroller at games, you love going for walks in it!  I can't get you to wave 'bye bye' for the life of me, but you wave at every passing car on our walks.

I was so surprised by how much you liked getting wet in the sprinkler with the boys!  I didn't put your swim trunks on because I was pretty sure you'd hate it, but no!  You LOVED it!!!  You giggled and giggled and giggled!  It was so cute and funny to see!  You were soaking wet in your clothes but didn't seem to mind a bit!  I can't wait to see what you think of the big swimming pool today.

You have so much fun sitting on your rocking horse.  The other day I was washing dishes and when I came into the living room you were sitting  on here facing the window, watching the guys work on the roof of the house behind us.  You were chattering and watching them, them shot me a huge smile when I found you!  Loved that moment!  I also love that you can entertain yourself for awhile when I am doing chores around the house.

We have finally gotten you broken of taking morning naps and you can make it till after lunch now.  They  usually last about 3 hours.  I pick you up, grab your snuggle blankie and you lay your head down on my shoulder as we walk back to your room. Then I lay you down, give you your snuggle and your giraffe, say 'nighty night, sleepy tight!', then shut your curtains and walk out.  Right to sleep you go, no fussing.  You never fuss about going to bed.  Some nights when I say 'time for bed' you grab your snuggle and run back to your room!  Easy peasy!

You are 100% boy and 100% toddler now!  I am loving watching you grow and change and become your own little person!

I love you, Tatie Tot!

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  1. He's becoming such a little boy. So bittersweet. It all goes so fast.
    I love that Tate wants to be right in the action with his big brothers. Zero fear, all boy, no doubt.
    Happy 16 months, Tate!!

  2. My word! He is looking so big. I can't believe it. Time is flying by way too fast!