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Aiden's 9th Birthday!

It's official, folks - I HAVE A NINE YEAR OLD!!!

He's a goof ball, for sure!

Not sure how we went from this... this?

Aiden has always been the happiest boy.  It's hard to bring this guy down but he does have a tender heart.  He LOVES Legos and spicy food.  Aiden is an awesome big brother and he always give 100% when on the ball field - whether that's baseball, football, soccer or the basketball court!  He's very helpful around the house and with Tate.  His best friend, the one person he would spend all of his time with, is his dad.  He likes movies and playing the Wii or on his tablet, but he also likes to play board games with Brennan, such as Twister and Battleship.  Aiden is super active, likes being outside, playing basketball in the driveway or football in the yard.  I feel so lucky to call Aiden my son.  He is quite the chatterbox, rivals even me!  I love this boy so much, he makes my heart happy!


Sunday we had his birthday party with our family.  We had quite the spread of food.  Everything served was requested by Aiden, and a lot of it was spicy!

We had little smokies in BBQ sauce, hot wing, meat sticks, bologna and cheese, jalapeno poppers, Cheetos Puffs, Cheetos Xtra Flaming Hot chips, olives, watermelon, lemonade and water.  There was a ton of food!  And Aiden took only 3 things, ha ha!

Instead of having birthday cake, Aiden asked for Worms in Dirt.  If you don't know what this is, you just crush up Oreos, put some in the bottom of a cup, pour in semi-set pudding (I used vanilla and chocolate), cover with more crushed Oreos and add in a gummy worm or two (or more!).  We used regular gummy worms and sour gummy worms - Aiden likes sour things, too!  They were a big hit!  I love birthday cake but it's been fun this year having pie for Brennan's birthday and now Worms in Dirt for Aiden's.

After we all stuffed ourselves and the kids burned off some more energy playing ball outside we all gathered in the living room to watch Aiden open his gifts.  He received a Lego set and the DVD set of all 3 Sandlot movies (fitting after his fun baseball season!).  My niece and nephew each gave him a gift - Nora gave him a funny game that is a monkey that moves around the floor and you have to throw rings onto his tail, it's quite challenging! And Charley gave Aiden a truck that pulls a trailer with a boat.  Both kids were cleaning out their rooms and wanted to share their goodies with Aiden, so sweet!  He also was given money - he has been saving for a big Lego set, I think he made it with all of this birthday money!  Andy's brother got creative with the money - just look at this!

This morning, Aiden's actual birthday, he requested his favorite breakfast - French Toast!  Coming right up, Buddy!  We let the boys pick out what they want for supper on their birthday's so Aiden has chosen to go to Buffalo Wild Wings - this boy and his hot wings! :)  This afternoon his friend is coming over to hang out for a bit.  My guess is they'll play football in the yard.

I think Aiden is having a wonderful 9th birthday!  Here's to many, many MANY more!

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  1. What a great celebration for a great boy! We lovelovelove The Sandlot movies... the first is definitely the best, by far, but the other two are cute too! Seriously one of my all-time favorite movies... I think everyone who loves baseball is obsessed with that movie! Happy birthday Aiden!

  2. Happy happy birthday! All that spicy food!!! Sandlot was my favorite movie growing up!!! Love it.

  3. What a great day of celebrating Aiden! I can't believe how much he likes spicy food!
    I also can't believe how much Tate looks like Aiden as a baby!!
    Give me all the Worms in Dirt. That just sounds so good right now.

  4. Happy birthday to your boy! Looks like he had a good one.
    I never thought to serve Worms in Dirt instead of cake at a party but I sure like the idea.

  5. We had Oliver's 2nd Birthday Party this past weekend and we had mud pie, which is basically dirt cake but with chocolate pudding. His theme was camping. I will have a 9 year old in exactly 20 days and it makes me sad. HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY AIDEN!!!