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Friday Favorites

Yay ya for FRIDAY!!!

We have survived our first full week of summer vacation.  The first 2 weeks are always the roughest for us, we are all learning to readjust to being together all the time again.  One more week and the rest of the summer will be smooth sailing!  The sad part of this week ending? Only 11 1/2 more weeks of summer vacation left.  It just goes too fast.

I'm linking up with Narci, Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites today!

My first favorite today is SUMMER VACATION.
We started it off with a bang!  Both boys had separate basketball camps at the school. Aiden's was every morning Monday to Thursday from 9 - 11:30 and Bren's was those same afternoons from 12:30-2.  I feel like I've done nothing but chauffeur them back and forth all week!  Add to that Sunday night Bren had t-ball practice and then Tuesday and Thursday nights Aiden had baseball games in towns about 25 minutes away.  The boys have not gone to bed 'on time' all week!  That's one thing I totally love about summer vacation - no bed times!  Tuesday night's game was at 8:00, we didn't leave there until 9:30 and by the time we drove all the way home it was 10:00.  I don't know the last time the boys stayed up that late!  Monday night they were up til 9:00 watching their favorite summer-time show, American Ninja Warrior.  It's just so nice to be laid back and relaxed!  Next week in the afternoon's Brennan will be going to the Summer Reading Program our local library hosts, it'll be another busy week of running back and forth!
Another favorite: SKETCHER GO WALKS!!!

 Image result for sketcher go walks
I seriously love LOVE my Go Walks!  They are like walking on clouds!  I bought them right before my trip to St Louis last month and I was worried about walking so much in a brand new pair of shoes.  I took band aids along just in case I got blisters! But nope, they were so super comfy and didn't rub at all!  My only complaint is they aren't super cool, temperature wise.  My feet do tend to get hot in them, which means I won't be wearing them to the State Fair this summer like I thought I might.  But otherwise, I love them!  I've worn them with jeans, capris and shorts and every time they looked super cute. They have a ton of colors to choose from, I got the gray ones (boring!) so they could go with anything but next time I'm definitely getting a cute color, like the pink ones!

Favorite #3 ... AIR CONDITIONING!
With out basement remodel we had to have our AC unit moved.  Somehow, just before we were going to call to have our normal guy come drain it and move it until the holes were dug and then back filled the compressor went out on it.  That's like, mucho expensive!!  LUCKILY Andy remembered the previous owner telling him that he had bought an extended warranty on the unit.  Long story short, the compressor was covered and we saved a boatload of money thanks to that.  And, since they had to come take it out to fix the compressor in their shop it was out of the way when the holes were dug!  Yesterday it was muggy and warm, and guess what!?!  The AC just happened to pick that day to bring back our AC and install it!!!  The timing on all of it couldn't have worked out better!

What are some of your favorites this week?

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  1. I have the pink Go Walks and I do like them a lot but have the same complaint as you... my feet get SO hot in them, and my feet don't normally get hot. Super comfy, but not so much when my feet get super hot in there!

  2. I LOVED summer break and not having a strict bedtime. I bet the boys love that as much as you.
    I'm going to have to check out those Go Walks. They look like they'd be perfect for our Disney trips!
    AC - ahhh, I love a chilly house in the thick of summer. Too bad it has to be like 403º in our house before Scott will even think about turning it on. Good thing you got all your AC issues taken care of before it gets crazy hot and muggy!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I wish I could spend summer break with my kiddos instead of at work. The sitter keeps them busy but the stuff I could do with them would be sooo much more fun (ex. STL Zoo, swimming, Grants Farm, picnics...) I have been begging Tim to get AC in our down stairs. When his uncle remodeled the house many moons ago he put it upstairs but not down (remember we live in a 100+ year old farm house). We have to have 2 window units downs stairs, even though I think we really need 3... Happy Summer Break!!