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Weekend Rewind

Here we are, another week.  The LAST FULL WEEK of June, can you believe it?  Do you know what that means? It means we are half way done with the year 2015.  We are halfway to Christmas!!! Holy smokes, kids, I'm in disbelief!

As shocked as I am I can still recall what happened this past weekend, so here's a recap for you!

Friday late afternoon Andy and Aiden loaded themselves up and headed to Iowa City for their Father/Son Iowa Men's Basketball camp.  I will give you a full recap of that in another post because believe me, it needs it's own post!  Amazing doesn't even cover it!  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tate, Brennan and I waited a bit then loaded ourselves up to head to town to meet my parents and sister's family at the park for pizza to celebrate Father's Day.  The kids had a great time playing, my nephew even brought some 'digger toys' to play with in the sand box there, which Tate was all over. Give that boy a sandbox and some tool to dig with and he's a happy camper.  Meanwhile, Brennan and Nora Jean ran and played and swang and jumped and climbed all over that play set.  Can you believe I didn't take a single picture of that?  Erg!  We ate our pizza, the adults sat and gabbed, then Bren and NJ wanted to run over to one of the 2 bridges in the park to play.  I so remember wanting to do this every time we were at the park as kids.  Those bridges are magical!  And they aren't anything special, just bridges that cross over 2 ditches in the park.  But the fun you can have on them!  Of course Tate wanted to follow along so my mom took him down.

After we left we headed straight for home and I put the boys to bed right away.  We were all beat from a busy week and they needed to get to bed on time for once this summer.  (Isn't that the nice thing about summer, tho?  Bedtimes seem to go to the wayside, everything's more relaxed.  I just love that!)

Saturday morning we puttered around the house, went for a walk, waited impatiently for texts to come in from Andy with cool pictures of Aiden with the Iowa players.  Tate and Brennan made Andy Father's Day cards then Tate sat at the table and colored in a coloring book.

I made Bren's favorite dish, pasta alfredo, for lunch.  It's one of Tate's, too, I guess, because he snarfed his down as fast as Brennan did!  Tate went down for a nap and Bren and I went outside to check the black raspberries.  We were able to pick three! Our first of the season, and so so delicious!  Then about 2:00 in walked our Hawkeyes!  It was a full hour or more of them just telling us all their stories!  Bren was practically salivating, he wants to go so bad now!

After that it was time for me to get ready to go to a friend's house for Girls Night Out (or in, since we stayed in).  Deana made delicious chicken tacos for us, those were so good!  Then we just sat around snuggling her baby boy, Maxton, and watching junk TV.  Marriage Boot Camp, anyone? :)  A storm rolled through while there and I was able to snap a couple of cool sky pictures from her front porch.  I love the sky after a storm!

Got home, went straight to bed.  5:54 came way too early, when Tate woke up crying.  He never does that, have no idea what was wrong with him (a bad dream?) so up we got.  I wanted to keep him quiet so he wouldn't wake up the boys, or more importantly, Andy, since it was Father's Day.  It wasn't much longer before the boys came plodding out of their room.  Bren was totally wired and excited since they were finally going golfing.  I,on the other hand, sat here like a zombie.  5:54 Tate??  Lets not do that again.  :)

Finally about 7:30 I started making breakfast - bacon, scrambled eggs and toast.  Andy loves my scrambled eggs.  *Side note: the first time I ever made him my eggs was the night of our wedding. We got home and were exhausted but starving after having danced our butts off all night, so I whipped up my new husband some eggs and voila, he was hooked forever!*  While those were cooking we gave Andy his gift - golf balls and tees.  Then at 8:30 the big boys and Andy headed out to the golf course.

Tate and I went for a walk and it was HOT and HUMID already at 8:30.  I was dripping when we got home 30 minutes later.  Luckily he wanted to play tractors, his new passion, so I had a chance to cool off!

Because Tate had woken up so early I decided it'd be a good opportunity for me to lay him down at 10 for a nap so I could grab a shower and get ready to take Andy and the boys out for lunch for Father's Day.  My big plan of hitting up Panchero's. his favorite FAVORITE place to eat, was ruined because he and Aiden had just had a burrito there the day before after their camp so we ended up going to Applebee's.  Andy and I shared an order of boneless wings and a Franwich - Coach McCaffrey's sandwich at our local Applebee's.  It's a philly cheesesteak and so yummy!  It comes with fries and onion rings, plenty for the 2 of us to share!

After lunch we went to Lowe's to look at a few things for the basement project.  Ended up finding a vanity light we liked so got that.  Next up, Walmart - fancy.  :)  Then we came home to watch the US Open and to snooze for a bit.  Because I napped too long (whoops!) I didn't have time to make Andy his homemade pizza for supper before Bren's baseball game, so to make it up to him we went to town and got ice cream after the game!

We got home just in time to get the boys showers and to finish the US Open.  Andy's Father's Day would have been made if Dustin Johnson had won but he came in one stroke behind my guy Justin Spieth.


I do believe Andy had a great Father's Day and weekend!

P.S.  I have a sweet gal named Terra who leaves me comments but is a no reply blogger, which means, Terra, I can't reply to you!  Just didn't want you thinking I was ignoring you! Thanks for all of your comments!

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty great weekend!
    Your girls night in sounds perfect! I need to arrange something like that with my gals. We could all use a night of smut TV and good company and food. :)
    I love your scrambled eggs story. How sweet!!!
    As for that Iowa sky... It's perfection!

  2. Wow, busy busy busy... you had a very full weekend, my dear!!

  3. I can not get over how big Tate looks. I mean he is no more baby. He is really starting to look like his big brothers.

    And Marriage Boot Camp?!?! Yes please. Looks like we watch a lot of the same shows. Or at least Marriage Boot Camp and Married at 1st Sight! I am getting ready to catch up on Boot Camp right now!