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Tate At 6 Months

IMG_1353Yep, that’s right, my little guy is half way to his FIRST BIRTHDAY.  How???
Tate at 6 months
~ can fully sit up by himself!
~ laughs at his big brother’s antics. It really tickles his funny bone when they throw a ball back and forth!
~ can put his pacifier in his mouth the correct way all by himself
~ scooches backward while laying on his tummy, not necessarily on purpose
~ is now in a convertible car seat.  He was just too heavy to carry in the baby car seat anymore.
~ loves to look at books and have them read to him.
~ Tate is still on his tummy medicine, it has really helped him be a happier baby.  I’m hoping once he is fully on ‘solids’ he can start to be weaned off it.
~ eats rice cereal once a day with a tablespoon or so of stage 1 baby food. He’s had applesauce and sweet potatoes so far and by far his favorite is the sweet potatoes.  Seems only right, doesn’t it?  I do call him Sweet Po-Tater Pie!
~ has figured out he has a tongue and likes to use it to make new and fun sounds and to blow really wet and slobbery raspberries

~ has had his first ear infection (hopefully his only ear infection).  He took it like a champ but wasn’t terribly happy when it moved to a runny nose and watery eyes.  Poor bebe!
~ sits on the floor and plays with his toys.  I pile them all up on his lap and he plays and stays pretty happy for quite some time.
~ gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth.  One time he got upset, like he was stuck up there and didn’t know how to get down.  It made me giggle. 

6 months old – half way to his first birthday.  Tate is such a fun, happy, adorable, sweet, snuggly, loveable little baby.  I wish time could stand still and he’d stay like this forever. 
A 6 month comparison, my has he grown!

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  1. Half a year old already!!! I can't believe it! Where has the time gone!?! He is such a cutie. I could watch that video all day. Makes me miss Lukey being that little. He doesn't sit still now.

  2. The middle picture with his mouth wide open is so funny!!!! He's so adorable!

  3. Oh Tater!!!! You are too stinking cute for your own good!! I don't like you being 6 months already that just makes your BFF older!! So stop growing, would'ya?

    Hope Momma is feeling better!

  4. awww...he is too cute for words!

  5. I just love him! He is growing up
    Too fast!!


  7. I love that he loves sweet potatoes! So fitting.
    What I love EVEN more… THOSE LEG ROLLS!!!
    Happy 6th Months Tate!!