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Chicago Trip 2014–Day 3


Our last morning in Chicago came way too early – Tate had slept terribly the night before.  Poor baby, I think maybe my milk was soured because I freaked out so much on the Ferris Wheel and that upset his tummy.  We went and grabbed our breakfast with all the other hotel guests, then went back to our room to pack up and get headed home.  Tate was pretty tired so we laid him down for a nap and hung out in the room for awhile trying to figure out what we were going to do that wouldn’t require us to have a stroller for Tate since ours had a flat tire.  We decided to go hit up Charming Charlie’s in the mall so I could get some perfume of theirs that I love, then go to IKEA to see what that mess is all about.

We left the hotel about 9:30, 30 minutes before the mall and IKEA opened.  What to do, what to do?  Well, how about drive around the mall a couple of times, then drive over to IKEA and drive around that building “just to see how big it is”.  We passed a cop sitting in the same place FIVE TIMES! Lol, that guy had to think we were up to something! 

Finally the mall opened so we all traipsed in to CC and I ended up finding more than just my perfume – go figure!  I came out of there with a new pair of sunglasses (the rims are a 50’s shade of pink, love them!) and a set of lace headbands, which I totally love.  Oh, and the perfume!

We then loaded back up and headed across the way to IKEA.  We had never been to one before so we weren’t sure what to expect.  Eh, it was ok but not rushing back to one anytime soon.  I was starting to think we were never going to get out of there – we kept following the gray path with the arrows and it just kept going and going and going.  You can only make so many left hand turns before you get back to the same place you started, right?  Not in IKEA. That place is freaky!  We never did find the escalator we came up on – ended up taking an elevator back down to the first floor.  Bizarre.  It didn’t help that Baby Boy was freaking out because he was hungry, tired and homesick and I just wanted to get him outside so I could feed him. 

We left IKEA and headed over to the Pancheros we had found the night before for lunch.  Amazing enough, it tasted the same as in Iowa, ha ha!  Andy was in heaven.  We got our bellies full then headed out of Chicago, westbound and down, headed for home.

We decided since we were going to go right by it we’d stop in LeClaire and see Antique Archeology, the store that the American Picker’s guys own.  It was pretty cool to see the store front that we’ve seen so many times on the show, and they had one of their AA vans out front so that was neat too.  But inside? Well, I was disappointed.  It was very commercialized. They had AA magnets, AA t-shirts, AA *postcards*!!!  Seriously!  It was fun, however, to see a few items they had picked that we’d watched them pick on their show. 

Antique Archeology

After Antique Archeology we finally went home.  It was so great to get back, I had missed my house!  And then the massive amounts of laundry called my name.  Chicago was a nice little trip, and even though I missed home we’ll definitely go back to see some of things we missed. 

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  1. We just got a Charming Charlie's in Davenport! What perfume do you like from there? I'll have to check it out!

  2. Next time you come out, you and your family will stay at my place. We have the space and would love your company! I'll show the real Chicago ropes and you get a free pool to swim in!

  3. Even though AA has been commercialized I still really want to go! I'd totally be the sucker who buys a post card or a magnet. :)

  4. Totally an adoptive mama who has never breastfed here!!! Your milk can sour from anxiety!?!?!? Blows my mind!!