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Football // It's Finally Here!

When I think of football season I think of the colors - brown, black and yellow (for me).  The sights - jerseys, pigskins, grills smoking.  The scents - those grills again, a Fall scent burning in the Scentsy burners, that crisp 'Fall smell'.  The sounds - cheers from the stands and sidelines!

Last night it was all there. Well, almost - the grills weren't there!  But everything else was!  It was the boys' first games of the season.  This is Aiden's 4th year playing football.  It is by far his favorite sport.  He dreams to one day play for the Iowa Hawkeyes.  He loves throwing together a game of football at school recess every day.  Playing football in the yard with his dad is his favorite pastime.  So to say he was in his element last night is an understatement.

Aiden is right smack in the middle of the pic in the blue shirt.

For Brennan, this was his first year playing football.  It's all he's talked about for 2 years!  He couldn't be happier now that he gets to wear cleats and a mouth guard, ha ha!  He had a great first game!  He got to carry the ball twice, almost making a touchdown!  Yeah, he got knocked down and cried, poor thing, but he was so tough and didn't come running for his mommy which told me he was still having fun and loving playing.  One of the plays where he carried the ball was hilarious, I'll try to tell it.  Both teams were all lined up.  Our QB gets the ball and stands there, the same as everyone else.  No one moved.  Except for my Brennie.  He goes running through the defense, out and around the back of them, then turns and runs back towards our QB on the opposite side of the field he came from.  He runs right up to the QB, grabs the ball, turns tail and runs again!  No one knew what was happening, even us on the sidelines! LOL!  We laughed so hard, it was the funniest play.  No one moved on either team, aside from Bren, until he grabbed that ball and started running again!  Comedy of errors, sort of!

One of the cutest things EVER!  Bren 'took a knee' in every team huddle! 

During the game Little Man got hungry.  Thank goodness the little guy now can take a bottle - saves me from running to the car to nurse him and then miss out on the action on the field.  So Papa (my dad!) gave him a bottle.  He took it like a champ, 5 oz down the hatch!  And Papa loved the extra cuddles with him!

Both boys are playing for the "Giants", so Go Giants!  And as always, GO HAWKS!!!

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  1. So fun! And yayy Tate taking that bottle like a champ! And what a sweet picture of him and your dad... I know you're extra thankful this year to be able to have a picture like that!!

  2. This post is all sorts of awesome (aside from those "Hawkeye" typos you kept making. I know you *really* meant Cyclones ;) ). So fun to see the boys enjoying such a great sport.
    And, your dad looks like he's doing really, really well!!!