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  • I went shopping Friday for a shirt to wear for our big family pictures that are this coming Saturday. (This is my family, my sister's and my parents.)  I tried on 2 shirts at Target that I loved on the hanger but were too tight in the chest (big boobie girl problems).  Instead of thinking, "hey, Erin, go out and get a bigger size to try on" I walked out of the store and into the mall.  I busted out of my shell and actually went into stores that scare me (the stores teenie boppers shop in).  I tried on clothes, that fit (hooray!), but I just didn't like them for the pictures.  I walked the entire mall, tried shirts on in 5 or 6 different stores, ate a delicious Panini at Panera's, then it hit me.  "Duh, Erin! Go back to Target and try those shirts on in a BIGGER SIZE!"  So back I went, found a bigger size and went to the dressing room.  What a concept, they fit! Sheesh, could have saved me (and Tate) all that misery of trying on all those others clothes!  The good thing about that, though, is now I feel comfortable enough to go into those 'teenie bopper' stores and shop again.  The other thing with this is I had a certain color of shirt I was looking for, that makes it sooo much harder than just finding a shirt I like. 
  •  Tate had his 6 month photo shoot Saturday night.  I can't wait to see them!  My dear friend, Jackie, took them for us (she did his newborn pics, too) and she said she got some really great shots.  I hope so, he wasn't cooperating very well.  He was more interested in playing with the grass in front of him and the blanket he was sitting on.  Here's one of the sneak peeks Jackie posted on FB this morning - sooooo sweet!!!
If you live in Easter Iowa and want Jackie's info, let me know -she's an awesome photographer!
  • I've been burning Fall scents in the house over the past week.  I can't help it! They smell so good and I am SO ready for Fall!
  • The boys are back into the swing of things where school is concerned, and I am back into the swing of things where the house is concerned.  Because I have a reason to get up and moving in the morning I start off with more energy, which translates into getting the house picked up and cleaned when I get home from taking the boys to school.  Tate usually is ready for his nap shortly after we get back from dropping the boys at school which works perfectly for me to get some cleaning done.  I didn't realize how much I've missed the routine.
  • Football has started here for the boys.  They've each had one practice with their second practices tonight and tomorrow.  Their first games are Wednesday night.  I'm looking forward to this season, it'll be fun to watch both boys playing.  Stay tuned for more pics of little boys playing football than you ever wanted to see.
  • Fixer Upper is my new favorite TV show.  It's on HGTV.  I LOVE IT!  An awesome couple help a family find a 'fixer upper', then gut parts of it, lays new flooring, updatse the kitchen and bathroom, whatever, then Jo-Jo (the wife) decorates the heck out of it and it is always so SO adorable!  It's livable, which I love.  Most shows make everything ultra modern, not my style at all! This couple lives in Waco, TX and everything is so homey and perfect! She loves rustic, old, old made new, breathing life back into these homes.  It's amazing.  And she takes old things and turns them into awesome pieces she hangs on the walls. For instance, she took an old, rickety white picket fence gate, hung it on the wall, then attached a the word 'family' to it that was metal and in cursive.  OMG.  If I could only have half of her imagination!  And the places she finds these awesome buys, I'd love to have those too!  Look it up, I have no idea when it's on normally, I just found it last week a couple of different times then watched a 6 hour marathon of it Sunday afternoon (off and on, don't worry, I didn't sit for 6 hours in front of the TV, although I could have!).
That's what I've been up to lately.

What have you been doing lately?  Have you seen 'Fixer Upper'?  Are you ready for some football?

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  1. I love Fixer Upper... love love love HGTV and that is definitely one of my favorites. I was sad to learn that a lot of their shows are fake which makes me sad so I hope this one is authentic as it seems!

    Can't wait to see pics of the boys playing football... too cute!

  2. That picture of Tate is sooo cute!
    I love love love that show!!! And everything else on HGTV lol
    I'm so ready for fall too! I hate that the hubs is back to work but I'm ready for pumpkin everything!

  3. That picture of Tate is to die for!

  4. I love routine, too!!! I am having trouble getting back into one. I am hoping I will be moved more over the next week with J starting preschool tomorrow. I also love Fixer Upper!!! Waco is only an hour and a half from me, and I know people who have gone to her store, Magnolia, to shop for home décor. I may have to take a trip and do the same one of these days.

  5. That picture of Tate - died from the cuteness overload!
    HGTV is my go-to station. And Fixer Upper is a new fav in this house.
    I won't lie, though I adore Fall, I'm not ready to let go of summer just yet. :)

  6. I didn't get to comment earlier when I read this, but that picture is so cute I can hardly stand it! I just want to grab him through the screen and kiss those cheeks!!!!!!!

  7. Tate's pictures are darling! I can't wait to see your family pictures. I'm with ya, I hate clothes shopping!

  8. Those pictures of Tate are so ridiculously cute!!