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Learning New Tricks

Hey!  How was everyone's weekend?  Sorry I missed you yesterday, busy busy.  Swim lessons, lunch with Andy, then back to the pool to go swimming for the afternoon.  And I thought we were meeting friends at the park before the lessons only to realize after rushing around to get there that that's not until today - ha, go figure.  I woke up our sleeping little sweet tater to get there on time, too.
So after our lessons back in June I promised to show a video of the boys jumping off the diving board.  I've seriously been battling this dang computer trying to figure out how to make it work this whole time!  So irritating!  I finally decided to try loading it into a post through Blogger instead of the program I use to type my posts.  Voila!  Finally got it!  Who would have thought to try Blogger before? Ha!  So here's one of the videos of the boys jumping in off the board.

Yesterday Brennan started learning how to dive off the side.  His instructor had him sit on the side and taught him how to put his arms and then how to lean over to 'fall' in.  He picked it up right away!  Aiden's not even been taught how yet.  Brennan took care of that at the pool in the afternoon.  Cracked me up to watch him teaching Aiden from afar. 

Tate has learned a new 'trick' over the past week - he's started eating cereal!  We started last Tuesday after we got home from Chicago.  I mixed him up a batch of runny rice cereal and he took right to it!  He was so ready to start solids.  He sucked the cereal right off the spoon then waited somewhat impatiently with his mouth wide open for the next spoonful.  I have been trying to give him a little bottle with it, he is not taking to that as well as he did the cereal.  He might get 1/2 an ounce out of the bottle but then realizes what he's doing and quits.  Stinker.  I'll keep trying.  I'm thinking I'll add some applesauce into his mealtime this week, see how he likes that.  I need to get to the store and stock up on baby food, the 4 containers of baby food applesauce I got won't last long the way this boy eats!

Don't mind the cleavage and don't mind the mess behind me -- we'd just gotten home from Chicago and had just dumped everything.  :)

Today is our park date, then swim lessons.  Busy morning but no plans for the afternoon, which means I'll be doing laundry and cleaning.  Need to get those IKEA knock off's painted - the spray paint stunk so we re-sanded them this past weekend and now I'll be brushing on the paint.  Grr, what a pain. Will be glad to get those done and hung, though.

What's new with all of you?

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  1. Jeanette loves to hold her mouth open waiting for the next bite of her cereal! I have been mixing her rice cereal at night with a veggie and so far we've tried spinach with potatoes, sweet potato and butternut squash. I've been making most of my baby food which I like because I can control the consistency. I did buy the spinach however and some prunes for us to try soon.

  2. Precious baby is eating cereal!!! He's so big!

  3. Woohoo for diving!! That should provide some more entertainment at the pool now. :)
    Way to go Tate! What a good little man.