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12 Week Baby Update

We have a healthy baby!!!  I am so beyond excited!  I can just breathe now!  The baby was very active, lots of kicking and waving of it’s arms.  The head was fully formed (such a relief after what happened last time) and the nuchal sack was thin like it should be.  It feels so great to feel so happy and relieved! 
After our ultrasound we had our regular OB appointment.  That was quick, nothing exciting happened there.  They couldn’t find the heartbeat, Baby was hiding.  But we did SEE it at the US so we know it’s there.  Now for my stats.
Weight gain: NONE!!!  12 weeks in and I haven’t gained a pound.  Couldn’t be happier about that!
Cravings/Aversions:  This changes day by day.  No real cravings yet but sweet things don’t settle well with my stomach.  Had some Bruschetta on Saturday and that upset my stomach, too.  For now I’ll stay away from both.
Baby’s Development: This week it is the size of a lime.  It’s reflexes are working so it can open and shut it’s hands and scrunch up it’s face. It’s taste buds are formed and it’s kidneys are working.
Me: No nausea but I am extra gaggy.  Weird things make me gag, not just food or smells.  I actually gagged when talking about someone a couple weeks ago!  Weird.  I can feel a lump growing and can’t lay flat on my tummy on the hard floor anymore.  I have decided the heck with regular clothes, I want to wear my maternity clothes so am in those pretty much full time (except for comfy clothes, still use my regular stuff).  I am MOODY!  Super sweet one minute, a complete rag the next!  Andy’s doing really well keeping up … so far!

I am loving being pregnant again, and I swear I will not be complaining about this pregnancy at all. I am just so grateful to be pregnant again so I love all the aches, pains and discomforts that go along with it!  But for the most part I don’t have any of that.  Last night was the first night I felt like my belly had been stretching all day and was uncomfortable, but I was happy about that and loved the feeling (as sick as that sounds!).  If my last pregnancy taught me anything (well, it taught me a lot) it was to enjoy each and every moment because it can be taken away in an instant.
I love how the boys are towards my pregnancy.  Aiden is super attentive and very careful with me.  The other day he thought he needed to hold my hand and elbow to help me cross the 2 foot high fence around our garden. And Brennan rubs my belly all the time, hugs and kisses the baby bump and he rubs my arm and kisses it and tells me that makes the baby happy.  I just love all of it!  And this weekend Andy made me feel pregnant – he got me a lawn chair, set it up under the shade tree and brought me a drink so I could sit outside and watch them play golf in the yard.  It was such a great feeling to be so pampered and to feel so loved!  These three boys spoil me rotten!
So as you can tell my pregnancy is going well, I am doing great and so is the baby.  Thank you to all who prayed for me and the baby, it made a difference!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that baby is looking great!

  2. GREAT news!! So glad everything is well and you can rest a little easier now!

  3. I am so, so excited and happy for you!!! What AMAZING news!!!

  4. I always start wearing pregnancy clothes at the beginning of a pregnancy. They are so comfy and I have an excuse so I just do it lol I know a lot of women think pregnancy clothes means your gaining weight, so they hold out as long as they can... NOT ME!!! Haha.

    I'm so happy for you. :) I love ultrasounds.

  5. Your boys are so sweet to you! :) I am so thankful you have a wonderful appointment friend and you have a healthy little baby growing!

  6. Yay! that's awesome news!!!!

  7. I LOVE this post!! So, so, so happy for you! =) If you have a girl, I think she will be just a little spoiled with all those gentlemen in your house =)

  8. So thrilled everything is going so well for you!
    You have some super sweet boys taking care of you and Baby!!

  9. I love this! Such good news! Yay!


  10. Just saw this post! It made me smile the whole time I was reading it! I'm so glad your appointment was nothing but good news and your guys are treating you so well!

  11. Oh I ove how the boys are treating you! What sweethearts!!
    And YAAAAAAAAY!!!! About the US! That's fantastic news!! I hope you are breathing easier now!!
    I love your outlook on all the aches and pains. It drives me crazy when people complain about their pregnancies. I get it, it can be SO uncomfortable. But some people never get to feel that!
    Anyway, I'm so happy for you all! This baby doesn't know how lucky they are to be joining your family!

  12. I am so happy for you and so relieved you got the news you deserved. I can't wait to see and hear all about this little one!

  13. These are the best pictures I have ever seen! So happy for your family!