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You know when you finish a good book and you just want to find someone else who’s read it so you can gush over it together?  I just did that with 2 books over the last week and a half.  I loved both of these books I’m going to tell you about today.  I hope you give them a chance.

‘A Garden In Paris’ by Stephanie Grace Whitson

a garden

If you look at my book tab (at the top of my blog) you will see that this is the 3rd book by this author that I have read and her third book that I am recommending.  She is definitely one of my favorite authors.

This book is a romance, but there is no smut.  Shocking for me, I know!  But it was such a sweet romance.  In addition to that there was family drama, always a good read! 

Mary Kathleen Davis finds the framed motto in the back of a dusty antique shop, and it haunts her. After 26 years as the trophy wife of a powerful man, Mary is a widow with no sense of identity. She finds herself wondering ''what might have been,'' and torments herself with guilt over her treatment of an old flame. She has the notion that if she can return to Paris with her increasingly distant daughter, perhaps she'll be able to reconcile with the past and find a new future. The trip to Paris will change everything for these two women, in ways neither could imagine.


‘The Castaways’ by Elin Hilderbrand


Elin Hilderbrand has become one of my go-to authors.  I love all of her stories, all of which take place in the Nantucket area.  This one was written so neat.  Not in chapter form but from 6 different people’s point of view, and when it’d change point of view it’d be like starting a new chapter.  There were 8 couples who were close friends, but one couple died in an accident at sea.  The book is the story of how the remaining friends/couples cope with their loss and how they all blame themselves for their friends’ death.  It is so good!

One couple's secrets cast six friends adrift...

With rumors of infidelity straining Greg and Tess MacAvoy's marriage, the couple head out on their sailboat one early-summer day to celebrate their wedding anniversary, hoping the roughest waters are behind them. But in an accident off Nantucket, they mysteriously drown, leaving behind two small children as well as the three couples who have long been their closest friends.

Tragedy brings to the surface long-simmering conflicts and emotions, and the MacAvoys' six grieving friends find themselves unprepared for the revelation of secret upon secret as they struggle to answer the question: What happened to Greg and Tess?

The Castaways probes the boundaries of friendship and forgiveness as it tells a page-turning story of passion, betrayal, and suspense, filled with the perfect details of summer island life that have made Elin Hilderbrand's novels beloved bestsellers.


Happy reading!



  1. I'm going to have to add both of these to my list!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm trying to get back to reading more, and I've been hording titles in my "to read" shelf on GoodReads! Are you on there?

  3. I need to read more... I loved reading at night in college, maybe I'll give it a try again with these recommendations!

  4. I love Elin Hildebrand, haven't read that one though, maybe it will be my next one!

  5. Both sound really good! I'm adding them to my ever growing list of "must read" books!