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My First Celebrity Siting

One thing I didn’t tell you about from our State Fair visit was how I hollered hello to a celebrity and yelled “I love your show!” and he yelled back “Thanks, Honey!”  Honey!  He called me Honey!!!  It made my day.  I was giddy for the next … ten minutes at least! 

So, who was this celebrity?  The one and only Frank Fritz.  Do any of you know who Frank Fritz is?  Go ahead, think about it.  I’ll give you some time.

How about a picture to help.


He’s one of the duo on ‘American Pickers’ on the History Channel! Ahhh!!!  We love Mike and Frank.  And it helps that they are Iowans!  Their store is about 2 hours from here.  Truth be told, I have a little crush on Mike, his laugh gets me every time.  But Frank called me Honey!!  Hee hee!  Sorry, getting giddy about it again.

Baby Talk

I’m 13 weeks this week.  My last week of my first trimester.  Feeling great, more energy but I think the headaches are starting.  Bring ‘em on.  I’m happy to have them because they mean I am pregnant!  We are tossing around names, having a hard time coming up with anything we really like … again.  We looked up the popular names of the 1930’s because I think we are wanting an older name for a boy.  I listed them off in front of Brennan, he said he liked Clifford, Arthur and George – can you tell he watches PBS cartoons? Ha ha!  Sorry, when we do pick a name we will keep it to ourselves, we like knowing something about the baby that no one else does. After all, you don’t know the baby’s sex and neither do we!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I have no clue who that is, but fun seeing someone from tv either way =) I once saw Mark McGwire at a Target but didn't have the balls to say anything - I did make eye contact and he smiled... ha ha ... Picking names is so much fun, so many possibilities but it's not fun when you never agree on anything - can't wait to hear what you decide =)

  2. Will you find out that baby's sex or do you like to be surprised? I like keeping the name a secret too. My sister in law and brother like to be surprised. She is due this November and while it's sorta fun not knowing it also stinks! I'd like to be able to buy girl or boy stuff, especially if it's a girl! We already have my nephew so they have lots of boy things but if it's a girl I'm going out to buy purple and pink and bows! LOL.

  3. I can't wait to hear the baby's name. Only 27 weeks to go! :( I kid. I get wanting somethings to yourselves. At least Brennan picks real names. G was all like Shiney, Sunny, Rainbow.

  4. I like older names too! Not that you can tell that by my kids names!
    I do watch that show!! Wow, pretty cool you saw him!! Exciting!

  5. OMG I looove that show!! The hubs and I watch it all the time!!!
    There store is only like 2 hours from us too!

    Love the names he has picked out ;)

  6. I have no idea who he is, but I am very excited for you! And a Honey on top of it? Way to go!

    I 100% agree with you with keeping the name a secret. We did it with both of our kids. It's just easier. I am already crabby, I don't need to know your opinion on the name I chose for MY child!

  7. GAH! We LOVE American Pickers!!! We DVR and watch the show religiously. I started watching because I found out they're from Iowa. But, the show is awesome.

    We kept Marcus' name a secret until we introduced him to the world. You know how the saying goes, "Opinions are like bum-holes. Every one has them and they all stink!" HA!

  8. I love American Pickers! That's awesome you saw Frank! You should name your baby Frank in honor of that moment. :-P

    LOL! I hope you're having fun picking out baby names!

  9. l love frank and i love classic names!

  10. Clifford, Arthur and George.. that is so cute that Brennan picked those. I like the idea of an old school name. I'm sure it's hard to decide! It's like, you want to be "different" but not too different to where the name is a little weird - like North West. HA.