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Kimmyyy Link Up Part 3

Hey there! Today is my 12 week ultrasound, we’ll find out if this little lumpkin is healthy or… Let’s just leave it at healthy.  My US is at 10 central time, any extra prayers would be much appreciated.  I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on how everything’s going.
In the meantime, I’m linking up with Miss Kimmyyyy again today!  Her questions are so fun (and hard!).  Here I go!
11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.
  • Bad drivers – get off the road!! That takes care of 1-9.
  • People who don’t reply to texts or emails. It’s rude. Even if it’s just a smiley face to let me know you received it, at least you’ve replied.

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.
I wake up, drag myself out of bed and turn on The Today show.  I sit and watch the first half-hour of that to get all of the big headlines.  Breakfast, clean up, brush teeth, make bed, get ready for the day.  Do something for the next 3 hours, then get lunch ready.  Clean that up, hang out, then put Bren down for a nap and Aiden in his room to ‘rest’.  Watch TV, read blogs, email people, etc.  Boys get up, we do something around here, Andy gets home, then it’s time for supper.  Clean that up, get the boys’ showers, put them to bed at 8, then rest and relax with my love.  9:30/10, BEDTIME!! (This is a boring, nutshell kind of day.  Most times there are errands ran, or meeting someone for lunch, or s/t going on in the evening. But this gives you a boring, basic idea.)
13. What’s the hardest part of growing up?
Growing up!  I hated knowing I was getting older!!  I wanted to stay little forever.  And now that I’m an adult with all of these responsibilities I see just how smart of a little girl I was!  Although I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  But being 4 again would be nice!

14. Describe 5 weaknesses and 5 strengths you have.
Oh jeez.
  1. I have a temper
  2. I can be pretty lazy and not get enough stuff done around the house because of that
  3. Mt Dew (enuf said)
  4. Andy – he’s my biggest weakness.  I adore the man.

  1. I love fiercely
  2. I’m a pretty good cook (according to my husband)
  3. I’m a good, loyal friend
  4. I can grow a vegetable and flower garden

15. Describe when you knew your spouse was the one or how you fell in love.
Well, at 16 years old I don’t know if you really ‘know’, but I was infatuated with Andy then! And still am!  I remember my dad saying “if you keep spending so much time with him you’re going to get sick of him.”  In 16 years that has never happened!  I guess “how” I fell in love was gradually over time.  And I say that because at 16 you think you love someone right away, and maybe I did, but I also think the real deep love stuff slowly came over time like it should.  Nothing was rushed.  I don’t know that there was a moment when I thought “He’s the one”, but he is!  I still wonder how, at 16 years old, I could find THE ONE.  I’m just so lucky. 

Keep an eye on Instagram (homemadehappenings), I will probably post a pic of the US with good news.


  1. I'm not an instagramer :( I hope the good news was about your appointment yesterday.

  2. I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound! I love that you found your hubby at 16! So sweet!

  3. are gorgeous. Gorgeous make up. Gorgeous hair. I love ya my friend! Saying lots of prayers!!!

  4. Good luck today!! Saying a prayer right now ... can't wait to see the pic of your Healthy baby!! =) ... LOL funny what your dad said about Andy - that is how I knew my husband was "the one" ... I never got sick of him =)

  5. OMG, so many things!
    1. I can't believe I missed that you're pregnant. I'm so excited for you! And you're in your US right now, so I'm saying a prayer that it goes well (but it will anyway)
    2. I love that bad drivers are 1-9 of your pet peeves! LOL!
    3. I love that Andy is one of your weaknesses. So cute!
    4. People said the same thing to me about hanging out too much with Pete but I never got sick of him either! How can you get sick of your soul mate? :)

  6. Your pet peeves 1-9 are identical to mine. And, there are SO MANY bad drivers out here!!!

    Your IG post was the best one I've seen all day! :)

  7. I was so, so happy to see your picture this morning!! Now I'm hoping you can take some time for yourself and that new baby and relax and enjoy this time!!