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Good morning!

Brennan had a great day at school yesterday.  He had all kinds of good stuff to talk about.  My favorite was that he made new friends!  It melted my heart when he told me that.  One’s name is Aiden, the other he couldn’t remember.  I am sure if this Aiden wasn’t name Aiden, Bren would not have remembered his name either, ha ha! 

Last night was our Aiden’s first flag football game.  It was HOT.  96 degrees, out in the blazing hot sun with no shade to be found.  I do believe it should have been cancelled.  We made sure Aiden drank a lot of water.  I also took a wash rag, soaked it with cold water and wrung it out just so it wasn’t dripping, then I stuck it in a baggie and threw it in the freezer for about an hour (should have been longer but I ran out of time).  Whenever he’d come for a water break I’d have him rub the cold cloth on his face, neck and head and it helped cool him down.  I also took one for Bren, he loved messing with it.  We survived the hour but I never want to sit in that heat again! 

The other night I made the most amazing, delicious Alfredo Sauce.  It was a Pioneer Woman recipe.  HERE’s the link, I highly recommend you try it!  Brennan loved it, too!

Tonight is our last night to sleep in our double bed.  Waaa!  I’m going to miss that bed.  I still haven’t found a new comforter for the new QUEEN bed (sounds huge), but that might be because I haven’t looked yet.  I’m just not that excited about the task, it can be such a pain.

Welp, I suppose I should get moving.  It’s almost 9:30 and all I’ve done so far is put away the mess from breakfast and fold a load of laundry.  Have a great day!



  1. We play travel baseball year around and in the summers here in Texas it gets really hot. I found the Frog Togg Towel at Sports Authority and my husband and bonus son both use them during the summer season. We love them because they stay cold for a longtime, so you might check them out! :)

  2. Wow, that's so not especially for the evening!! I couldn't imagine sitting out there and just baking! Plus, the poor kids actually playing the sports! Good idea on the cold cloth!
    Enjoy your old bed one last time! And I hope you find a comforter you like!

  3. it's too freaking hot for pregnant women at football games. we have one to go to tonight and I'm scared!!

  4. Wait til you get in that bed! You and the baby can stretch a bit!!

  5. You're going to love the Queen bed! We have one, and some days I think we might actually need a King. :)
    96? degrees NO THANK YOU!