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Our Summer Plan

I don’t know about you, but summer vacation with the kids scares the heck out of me!  I don’t want the boys to just be laying around the house watching TV and playing video games.  I want them to be active and to use their brains. 

I have enlisted the help of Pinterest to help me plan some activities for us to do this summer to keep us from being bored and restless.  Some I have come up with on my own.

  • Read books together
    • on our list: The Boxcar Children series, Adventures of Little Bear, The Adventures of Frog and Toad, The Magic Tree House series, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Farmer Boy, Charlotte’s Web
  • Go to the nearby lake/State Park and go on a nature hike
  • Try different Pinterest science experiments, such as this:
  • Take a trip to the Mississippi River Museum
  • Spend a day at the Children’s Museum
  • Take a bike ride down the old railroad trail
  • Go on a picnic

  • Lots of park play dates
  • Run through the sprinkler

  • School work – Yes, I’m the mom that makes them do school work in the summer!  I don’t want them to forget all they’ve learned!  Aiden will re-do all of his spelling words and sight words, he will read books to Brennan, and will do Rocket Math all summer. Brennan will practice writing his letters and learning their sounds, and will learn to write his numbers and to count to 25 (he does good to about 15, skips a few #’s, then finishes strong!).
  • Mark off as many of these items as possibleSummer List
  • Go to the ball field to play ball
  • Harvest our veggies and berries from the garden

This is a very short list compared to the length of the summer, but I think it’s a good start.  Aiden has a few day camps this month and next, plus swimming lessons, so those will help fill a few days.  We will also be doing a few ‘day vacations’, like going to the State Fair in August, and Adventureland next month.  There are a few town festivals this month and next that we will go to, also.  Town festivals are a kids dream, between the parades, the food and the carnival rides.

I’m hoping to make this a fun summer for the boys.  Lots of pictures to come!



  1. I love that 100 things to do this summer list! I wonder how many things I can get done with Graycie before I head back to work!?!

  2. You have some great ideas! You could look into your local library or ymca too. They sometimes have some great and free programs for kids and families. :)Our library when I was little always had a reading challenge. You had to read like 10-20 books and then turn your list in to receive a goody bag with small trinkets and all kinds of coupons to places.

  3. This flipping awesome!!! I might have to get on pinterest adn look up some ideas also. We have tevis' daughter every other weekend and this would help me and her interact more and keep her brain working. :)

  4. How cool!!!! Such awesome ideas!

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the boxcar children!! I totally forgot about it, now I need to go fond them!!
    Have you heard of "the little book club"? We were going to sign up for it, but they don't ship to Canada. It's a monthly subscription, you enter your child's age and info and they send you a couple books geared to your child a month! Seems pretty cool, and a decent price too!!
    Ok, your list is incredible! Sounds like you guys are going to have a fun filled summer! Even if they have to do homework!! Lol!!

  6. The Boxcar Children books were some of my FAVORITES growing up! I love this post. I'm pinning this blog for future summers with the little man.

    So jealous of your State Fair and AdventureLand trips. Those were always highlights for me as a little.

  7. I really need to make the kids stay on top of things this summer too. I think I may start Ella on hooked on phonics. She starts preschool and I have a hard time getting her to sit still enough so I can read to her. I would love to read the kids Little House on the Prairie books.

  8. That is a great list! I love the fact that you are reading with your boys! That is great!!!

    Todd has been busy with the kiddos. He said that everyday, Molly wakes up and asks him what fun things they are going to do today. Love it!!