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Book Review

Good Thursday morning to you! 

Finally, today is SUNNY!!!  We are getting ready to head to the park to try out the new equipment they put in last weekend!  I thought I’d get a quick post up.

I just finished reading ‘Beautiful Stranger’ by Christina Lauren (the second in their ‘Beautiful’ series) and it was AWESOME!  The love story in this book was maybe better than the love story in their first one.  I think I rate this one higher than the last one, and I really liked the last one!  It is on my ‘Books’ tab at the top (go check that out for some other suggestions), I added it before I was even half-way through reading it, it was that good!

Oh, and did I mention the lead guy has a British accent??? Yum!

This morning Brennan was asking me how to spell our names so he could write them down in his little notepad.  Then he asked me “How do you make love?”  Say what?!?  I made him repeat it 3 times, and yes, that’s exactly what he said!!!  Luckily he meant “How do you SPELL love” or we’d have really been in a pickle!

Speaking of pickles, when I was pregnant this last time I was addicted to my mom’s home canned dill pickles.  Her’s are the best!  No weird, extra, floaty stuff in her’s, just straight up pickles.  Yum!  Anyway, between Aiden and me we went through quite a few pint jars of her pickles.  I haven’t kicked the pickle habit, although I don’t have them as side to spaghetti anymore, so I emailed her yesterday asking how many jars she had left.  She’s down to only 12 pints!!!  On a normal year, that would be a plenty, but now?  No way!  Especially if I get pregnant again and am still craving them (watch, I’ll despise pickles when I get pregnant!).  So now we are scrambling to find seeds AND space in our gardens to plant them!  Thank goodness the only thing I have to worry about is running out of pickles!  Ha ha!

Have a great day!



  1. pickles are our fave but I rarely buy them BC they are gone in a day.. that can get pricey lol

    I need to get a good book to read!!! especially since it's summer :)

  2. I love pickles and so do the kiddos.. Happy Thursday girl.

  3. Mmmm, pickles!!! I love them on anything. When I was pregnant I'd get a sub from subway and I always had them like triple load pickles on! So good!!
    Hahaha!! I would die if Oliver asked me that! I'm glad you got it cleared up!! Too funny!

  4. We were are sisters from another mister...pickles and Mountain Dew!! Um how do you make love!! I would have prolly pooped my pants!!! Isn't that book the bee's knees!?! Loved it! I try to image it as a movie and his delicious accent!

  5. You and your pickles crack me up. If you find the room to plant them, this weather should be great for growing a bunch!

  6. I do like pickles, but it comes and goes. Weird I know. But I always have 5 different jars in my fridge at all times.

    I really need to look into paying my library fine, so I can look into some of these books... Stupid library fine...